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  1. eztune

    Fs: Rpl 165

    I have a RPL 165 with about 15min of use on it max. Comes with case charger and two batteries. I also have the certificate done by Jack. I will post pics later. I hate to sell this but i am moveing and need the money. $400. lower price $350
  2. eztune

    Goggles ?

    I just bought these goggles on ebay and they didnt have any info (OD,certified?) about them. They look like the ones sold at Optotronics. So i thought i would see if someone mite know if they are good or have the same ones? They have this written on the inside of the goggles? One side has 532nm...
  3. eztune

    New hobby

    Hi everyone here at laserpointerforums. I have been reading threads here for awhile and it drove to the point of purchasing my first green laser. You guys are really very helpful and I look forward to being part of this forum. The good deals here are going to cost me ;D but thats what hobbies...