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    6x 200mW Kryton

    Pink/Purple fade to Blue. It was made by daguin and I've had it for quite a while now. It's under an hour of use easily. The laser is in beautiful condition (minus one scuff on the top, not even sure how it happens), still functions perfectly, and is just as powerful as when I got it. WARNING...
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    Freelance Software Programmer

    Hey, LPF'ers! This isn't laser related, if you're looking for those, look throughout the rest of the section! (If I'm not allowed to post for services, feel free to remove this thread. I didn't see anything against it.) I'm offering my 5+ years of coding experience to help you guys with any...
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    IgorT 170 mW 6x

    Batch 2 recipient here. I'll start this off I suppose. I recently got my long awaited Igor laser. The wait of ~2 months was DEFINITELY WORTH IT! This is such a solid build. Host: The host is a lot smaller than I thought it would be. I read the dimensions, looked at pictures, and done every...
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    Daguin-Built 200 mW 6x Kryton

    I keep forgetting to post a review for this awesome laser by Dave :D. Without further ado, I continue. I recently saw Dave selling a 6x kyrton for $225. Let's calculate the cost of materials: 55 = sled 27 = driver 80 (?) = Kryton 20 = Battery and charger. 182 = Total. The profit he's making...
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    Re: NE1 Have Gif Making Skills

    Re: NE1 Have Gif Making Skills Are you making this in PS or Flash?
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    O-Like down?

    Was sorry very much, because your website has not set up a file is suspended! According to "Internet Information service Policing method" (State Council 292 verbal commands) the request, all websites must set up a file. If you do not understand set up a file, please click on the following link...
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    UK laser importing laws

    Does anyone know how hard it is to ship a laser to Manchester? Any laws against importing? I keep getting odd results when searching about.
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    sku.5790 price jump

    http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.5790 WHOA! Weren't those just about 3 dollars or something recently? I'm glad my shipment came through before this change happened!
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    I couldn't find a single thread on warnlaser on this forum, how odd. Even after searching I had no luck. Has anyone ever ordered from http://www.warnlaser.com/ ? It's advertised at the bottom of the page, and it is a static advertisement (owner of the site put it there on purpose, it isn't...
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    Re: DX 200mW-the best I can get for the price $185

    Re: DX 200mW-the best I can get for the price $185 The dilda is usally very close to spec. EDIT: OP was deleted :S.
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    Construction of blu-ray

    I have all of the materials, yet I am kinda iffy about putting it together (specifically the diodes). I will ship all of the materials (PHR, Host, Driver, Heatsink, Batteries if necessary, Please tell me if I am missing something) and pay whoever can give me the best price below! (Looking for a...
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    New DX Host Compatable With 3 Kinds of Batts.

    http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.18560 It can take 3xAAA, 2xCR123A, or 1x18650. This thing should be able to satisfy the power of any diode you need.
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    I've heard from a few sources that if you wear contacts, they act as safety from lasers. Personally, I think it's bull. Anyone have some input on this subject? I don't see how a clear lens can protect you from a 30 mw to the eyes.
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    Rechargeable 3.6V AAA's

    Hi again guys, after I ask this I should be all set ;). I found these batteries here: dealextreme .com/details.dx.sku.974 and was wondering where I could get batteries like these, except rechargeable. Every one I find is either AA, non rechargeable, or I'm not sure if it's AAA or AA. Also if...
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    Driver output for 803t

    Now much mA should I be pumping into an 803t diode? I'm going to get a fixed driver from YaBB.pl?num=1206947255 because: 1. I really don't want to damage the diode/driver trying to figure out how to adjust the output 2. I don't know how to adjust the output, and I don't have any special tools...
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    803T Sled and more.

    Hello guys. I'm currently making a blue laser pointer according to styropyro's guide seen here: watch?v=DVugSGldXZ8 I don't think I can paste links yet, so that's youtube right there. I'm pretty new to laser pointer construction, and electronics (hardware) in general, so please try not to be...