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    WL dragon case

    Hello all. I will be ordering my 125mW dragon laser very shortly. As soon as my tax refund comes in. I was thinking about getting the wickedlaser dragon case that they have on their website for 10 bucks. Now, on the WL site it says that the only laser that it will hold is their executive series...
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    What about the mAh. I know the dragon laser website says that anything over 900mAh is good but is there a number that is too high? dangerous??
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    Cool. Thanks man
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    Timelord: I see where you have posted that lithium bateries will kill a pulsar laser pointer. Well I am going to be ordering my 125mW viper dragon laser soon and I wanted to know, is this considered a pulsar? If so (or not) what are the best RECHARGEABLE batteries that you can recommend that I...
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    95Mw vs. 125mW

    I have read on this forum about what you guys think about the 95mW laser vs the 125mW but i was wondering if nayone has the DL 95mW AND the 125mW? Was wondering if anyone could post some pics or vids of both of these side by side and show of both performance (ie. the beam, dot, popping and...
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    To Pay or Not To Pay...

    Thanks Senkat and Timelord and thanks for the welcome. Yeah i've been reading a bunch of stuff on here and getting more of my questions answered here then i have in the past five months surfing the web. I did have another question tho. When to take pics and/or vids of your laser in action or...
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    Laser Hobby

    Just saying hi to everyone. i have been dying for one of these lasers for about six months now and i found the DL website and then this forum. I really like the DL site and i think the fact that they link to a forum where, technically, anyone could bash their product actually says alot about the...