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  1. tmoney321

    Where do you guys store your lasers?

    I also recently was researching storage solutions for some of my lasers. I think Pelican cases are the best there is generally, and having prior experience with them I chose to adapt the 1170. Its on the smaller end of what they offer but still provides good protection and has holes for 2...
  2. tmoney321

    PERMANENT THREAD: Ebay& other internet FINDS of interest- read all the OP please sub

    I saw that last night when browsing and almost came here to post but figured someone had already seen it :) The current catalog of single-mode Nichias is exciting for sure, but still on the more-expensive side. I assume that will change as we go forward. On another note - Is the data on the...
  3. tmoney321

    Newbie get duped?

    Ive seen multiple videos of the eBay gatling 450s metering around 1-1.2W, but I dont know if thats what the current ones being sold do or where you got yours from. It also seems that the red/green versions are usually underwhelming at around 100/200mW respectively - which would be a waste when...
  4. tmoney321

    What did LPF get for Christmas???

    Nice, the AARL manual is a decent place to start and the 3rd edition is a free PDF. I also have a Drive folder with it and a bunch or radio related material if ever interested. 1 year; that must have been a solid course! Precision rifle is a ton of fun and requires a good amount of dedication...
  5. tmoney321

    What did LPF get for Christmas???

    Exactly what Ive been buying as of recent, you have fine tastes my friend :cool:. What radio did you pick up? I got a few Baofengs when the Oct 1 FCC change went into effect - but that didnt seem to effect anything regarding availability. When you get into them, its like 303 lasers - they lead...
  6. tmoney321

    1600mW 445nm Blue 304 from Sanwu, battery not included

    The main reason you dont want batteries shipped with your laser is customs. Lithium batteries can get your package inspected and they would have the ability to test the laser with them present This is why most will ship separate and its not a bad idea to purchase your own because many Chinese...
  7. tmoney321

    Merry Christmas LPF

    Hope everyone here has a good Christmas and start to 2020. Cheers! Nick
  8. tmoney321

    Purple 405nm 1.6w or Green 525nm 1.2w (Sanwu Lasers)

    A photons wavelength is related to its energy. So yes, since lower wavelength photons have higher intrinsic energy. Power density and divergence can be taken into account too, hence the tighter spot mentioned. Another variable is the characteristics of the object being burned - how well it...
  9. tmoney321

    Noob Here

    Welcome to the forum. I think the 300 series lasers are a nice place to start because they are cheap and easily obtainable. I love my higher end and custom lasers but still enjoy my cheapies. They helped me practice basic laser safety while I decided on my first class 4 lasers. Ive been into...
  10. tmoney321

    Researchers generate terahertz laser with laughing gas

    Right, cant say I didnt reference google a few times myself. The chemistry & mechanics are straightforward, its the quantum stuff that gets you. At least its light on math!
  11. tmoney321

    Researchers generate terahertz laser with laughing gas

    This report also caught my eye when browsing the Nov 15 issue, very cool indeed. Also interesting is the collaboration between Harvard, MIT, and the people at Redstone Arsenal - which isnt too far from me in AL. Have had the paper sitting on my desktop; meant to share but time got the best of...
  12. tmoney321

    Hello All

    Well said. Its why they are restricting exports and putting businesses on government watch lists. I relate with the good people in China who just want to work hard, maybe even innovate - but Communism does not allow for this - the State knows what is best, period.
  13. tmoney321

    Newb needs help

    I initially bought 3 of the 532nm 303 style lasers on eBay as a starting point as others have mentioned. I personally consider them expendable because they are ~$9 without a battery/charger combo. I bought them from 3 different sellers and the outputs are about the same. One is slightly brighter...
  14. tmoney321

    Hello All

    Indeed, I was told Chinese customs decided to suspend and monitor exports such as lasers, tactical flashlights etc. Also that they were put on a government watchlist for the time being. I hope things calm down and they are able to continue operations as normal, would be a shame if what you said...
  15. tmoney321

    Hello All

    Absolutely, plan to buy a pair for each wavelength I acquire. Thanks. Appreciate the welcome, cheers! I think it comes from people who use fast-paced platforms, like Reddit for example, and have to realize how a traditional forum differs first. I've spend enough time browsing various forums in...
  16. tmoney321

    Hello All

    For sure, thanks! Thanks Rich, will do. Cheers! And great collection btw.
  17. tmoney321

    Hello All

    Hi everyone, my name is Nick, I have lurked here for awhile but wanted to make an account so I can participate and interact with the community. I have always enjoyed lasers, but only this year have began to research and learn more. I have a background in science, so the fundamentals and theory...