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    Pyro-Drive 405nm Driver / Sale Thread

    http://laserpointerforums.com/f38/new-boost-driver-44176-2.html#post591393 pzpzpz
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    Ban Darkarmyofone... Again...

    hosts -><tab>darklasers.com done. EDIT: E-GAD! IT'S HOSTED ON THIS SITE. Adblock. Block in opera.
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    Ban Darkarmyofone... Again...

    I didn't post the image because it was really large and I didn't want people to lag while loading it. But now we can blame you! Thanks! (Only joking ;))
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    FS: FIFTY 5-25mW 8x13mm red modules, OVERSPEC! and dirt cheap!

    Same photobucket account. Amateur mistake n00b13 l0lpzpzpzpPZ k1d. easy. Also there's a few 'sploits in your site. Mind if I use a few for my own need?
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    Ban Darkarmyofone... Again...

    Good sirs: 56kwarningLOL http://zaf.garyshood.com/upload/pr00fbr0.png This is all. Simple proof he lied.
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    Looking For Red Laser 220mw+

    That's not necessarily true... Dilda can get much higher with 4.2's.
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    REVIEW --FS: FIFTY 5-25mW 8x13mm red modules, OVERSPEC! and dirt cheap!

    Ouch. Can't wait to see Tyler's response.
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    6x 200mW Kryton

    Bryce, check your PM.
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    6x 200mW Kryton

    SPF! Thanks for looking.
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    6x 200mW Kryton

    It's been a while since I've actively patrolled these forums. What are the typical prices for 6xs now? Am I too high? Also, the color could not be better. It just makes sense.
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    6x 200mW Kryton

    Pink/Purple fade to Blue. It was made by daguin and I've had it for quite a while now. It's under an hour of use easily. The laser is in beautiful condition (minus one scuff on the top, not even sure how it happens), still functions perfectly, and is just as powerful as when I got it. WARNING...
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    Sold!!! PHR 125mw in Gold MXDL 3405

    Re: FS: Gold 3405 MXDL w/ PHR Why hasn't this sold?
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    FS: 180mW Galileo

    GOSH DARN-IT! How could you let this go for only 110! 0.50/mW +shipping! You really lucked out on this one.
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    Freelance Software Programmer

    I see. So basically, the program finds color x out of a bitmap, and replaces it with color y while the other colors are left unchanged?
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    Freelance Software Programmer

    Keylogger. It was made to not be a remote install keylogger, though. When I sent the source to the company, it warned the user before installing.
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    Freelance Software Programmer

    It sounds plausible... Would these images be tinted (color overlay + transparency) with the new color, or would it just be a solid new color?
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    fs: laser stuff

    Recieved today, thanks!
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    2 lasers 4 sale

    Oh man, I feel bad for you. These should have been swooped up in <1 minute from thread creation. If you had listed 2 days ago, I would have gotten both. I fulfilled my green and blu-ray need already, however. If these aren't gone in a weeks time, I'll help out.
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    Freelance Software Programmer

    Personally, I find the layout of vb.net (not 6, 6 can be VERY confusing for first-timers) to be extremely helpful and encouraging. PM me with your MSN, I can help you get started in vb.net and show you how to do it all in .net, OR I can show you in Delphi 7 (pascal based).
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    Freelance Software Programmer

    Turbo Pascal 7...? It would probably be an easy port from delphi 7, since both are pascal languages... But, I mean, why bother using such a decrepit and difficult to learn coding language when it's so much easier in .net. I've done both examples in delphi and vb.net, you can choose which you'd...