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  1. eztune

    Fs: Rpl 165

    SPF to ray
  2. eztune

    Fs: Rpl 165

    Ok Ray, M.O. for payment would be fine. Let me know about your friend. So i can consider it, SPF? Thanks Demian
  3. eztune

    Fs: Rpl 165

    $350 S&H include- yes (usps priority with confirm ) Middle man- I would consider it? M O as payment- would be fine (would like use paypal) Let me know?
  4. eztune

    Fs: Rpl 165

    Anyone? How about a black fiday price $350?
  5. eztune

    Fs: Rpl 165

    Still for sale.
  6. eztune

    Fs: Rpl 165

    Still have it. Someone mite but it after the first of the month when they get paid. But i would like to sell it sooner? It's like new with two new batteries, one charge on them. I didnt use it much just a few times to skypoint. I have a RPL- 400 that i tend to use to burn everything up with. So...
  7. eztune

    Fs: Rpl 165

    One more pic
  8. eztune

    Fs: Rpl 165

    I have a RPL 165 with about 15min of use on it max. Comes with case charger and two batteries. I also have the certificate done by Jack. I will post pics later. I hate to sell this but i am moveing and need the money. $400. lower price $350
  9. eztune

    Another Aussie comin at ya!

    LOL .... ;D
  10. eztune

    Hi all

    Welcome armlaser. Do some reading. Lots of good stuff here ;)
  11. eztune

    How old where you when..

    When i was about 14 i bought a red bullet shaped pointer. That came in a case with about five different pattern caps, like a star and ...can't remember the rest??? That was 20 years ago :(
  12. eztune


    You are going to need eye protection anyway if you are going to make or buy a laser powerful enough to burn with or over 5mw. And you will ;D. Welcome to the forum :) Oh and read , read and read some more. ez
  13. eztune

    "My first eye injury" by Milan Karakaš

    Oh man, i was just going to try and point my laser into my eye my too... Thanks for the FYI.
  14. eztune

    How many of you have "marks" on your keyboard?

    I am burning one now ;D
  15. eztune

    Pepsi or Coke?

    Beer, havent drank soda since i was 21 ;). But i did like coke better.
  16. eztune

    Can an Optometrist look at your Retina for damage?

    Re: Can an Optometrist look at your Retina for dam I think the Otomertrist will find what prescription you need for glasses by doing eye reading tests. You want a Opthalmologist is a eye doctor who looks at the health of you eyes . Just ask when you make an appointment that you are there to...
  17. eztune


    Hey Jay, welcome. Lots of cool stuff here :) If you cant find a answer to a question in a thread the just ask. Very friendly people here to help you out.
  18. eztune

    650nm goggles

    300mw laser. Dont go cheap on eye protection. I did and wish i went for certified goggle its your eyes, cant get new ones so protect them ;) The most you will save is about 20 bucks. Burned rentina or save 20 bucks?
  19. eztune

    Why I don't like Dell

    That is a f***in funny vid ;D
  20. eztune

    Funniest video ever