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    Wall-hanging ultra-compact Liquid Sky projector idea

    So awhile back I was on here and picked up a 2w blue lazer from lazeerer (or is it lazereer?). It was very nice and I was very satisfied with it, until I mistakenly handed it to a friend. He put in two half-sized batteries thinking it would be twice as bright and turned it on before I realized...
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    Frustrated due to delays (fixed, error in communications was the culprit)

    TL;DR: I was going through the process of buying a laser, and as a first-timer I didn't know what to expect. The builder was busy, he didn't get all my messages, and I didn't get all of his messages either. Miscommunication (or lack thereof) ensued and things sorta got ugly. Sorry. Now that...
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    Looking to get a hand-held (portable) 3B laser in the U.S.

    I read around on here a bit but couldn't find anyone mentiong the rules for stuff above a 'Laser Pointer'. I think that if I try to order one from a non-US source, it won't get through customs and I'll have just lost 30+ dollars. Does anyone know if it's possible to get on in the US? I don't...