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    Honest opinion on Laserbtb.

    Thanks :). Ill take your advice on the HL and PL lasers.
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    Honest opinion on Laserbtb.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will definately consider buying from a member on the forums. Sounds like a good idea. I have never heard anything bad about sellers on the forum. Especially the ones you mentioned in your reply. They all sound great :)
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    Honest opinion on Laserbtb.

    Thanks for the suggestion on buying from a forum member. Its sounds like a great idea. I have heard great things about Blord. Maby ill look towards EU based sellers but if you have any other sellers that are really good. Just leave a PM or somthing. Thanks
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    Honest opinion on Laserbtb.

    Thanks for all the replies guys :yh: I can see that they might not be 100% in terms of everything but its all i can see that seems legit and within a low enough price range. I was looking on other sites and their 200mw lasers start at like 299$ !!!. Yes that does seem like you get what you...
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    Honest opinion on Laserbtb.

    Thanks. I'll look around on the Forums for more info. :yh:
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    Honest opinion on Laserbtb.

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could give me some advice and opinions on laserbtb. I am really nervous on where to buy from because i have read some very mixed opinions on various websites. If you would like to answer please try include the following: -The shipping quality...
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    Just HOW bad is lazerer?

    Well from what ive read about them. They seem unreliable (never ordered from them). I would listen to the others and stay away until we see some improvement. -Would be nice to see that because they always got a good rep.
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    Welcome to the forums!. I also joined LPF recently :yh: I hope you find your high power laser :yh:
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    Laser Newbie Inbound

    Hey, my name is Luke and I am happy to be joining "Laser Pointer Forums". I recently got hooked on lasers and I love learning about them and I hope that I can get along with all the people I meet on this here website. :yh: