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  1. ultralight01

    Sci-fi Lasers 1.5W Blue laser for sale

    Hello, I'm moving on to other hobbies and I already have a few other lasers, so I'm selling my sci-fi laser's 1.5W Blue laser. The laser still works perfectly and comes with two batteries. It focuses easily and the lens is clean. Asking $70 via paypal @ gabrielnobles@yahoo.com. Will ship via...
  2. ultralight01

    Laser-Hating Cow story!

    Apparently cats and dogs aren't the only ones. So here I am, shining my awesome, incredible SF-501B 1.5 watt blue into the sky and on the ground. Suddenly, I hear hooves. I look and hear a ear splitting "MRROAAAAAA!". About 100 feet away, a cow had stampeded across acres of pasture and was at...
  3. ultralight01

    SF-501B 1.5 watt 445nm YouTube review video

    Title says it all! Here it is. My written review is on the way. You can check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwtwdp38Uns
  4. ultralight01

    Might as well!

    So, maybe a few of you have already seen some of my posts, but I thought I'd be polite and "introduce myself" here. I love science fiction, space exploration, all those things. I prefer entertainment who's title starts with or contains "star". I'd give up everything to have a spaceship. So, I...
  5. ultralight01

    Are handheld lasers good for KickStarter?

  6. ultralight01

    The wait goes on...

    I wait as the laser slowly approaches. It seems to not be moving. It has now been three weeks, in the dry desert of anticipation. How long must I wait in the dying heat till it arrives? My SF501B is taking a while... it's been about 3 weeks since it shipped. I think sci-fi is a great company...
  7. ultralight01

    eBay 405nm cheapO laser goggles

    So I got these laser goggles for $3, expecting them to be flimsy plastic that barely blocked any light. I bought it for my 1watt SFB01b, which is just a few days out. I am ordering an eagle pair very soon, but I am surprised by these Chinese goggles All I know is that these goggles completely...
  8. ultralight01

    Is this eBay module at least 50mw? Altoids build?

    So, I'm trying to collect the entire color spectrum of lasers, and I'd like to make some of them in altoids tins. I was wondering, is this 650nm module, rated at 200mw, at least 50-100mw by chance? I'd be fine with that for the price. I know, I know! It's eBay! Just looking for a red laser...
  9. ultralight01

    YouTube Review of the Laser 303

    I just got a green laser 303. Here is my short and hopefully sweet review video: If anyone has seen this video before, I had to re-make and re-publish the video. Please re-watch! Sorry if your comments or likes were deleted! New video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRsEo1o-GIw
  10. ultralight01

    Comparing two 1watt blue lasers, which one to buy?

    So I've been looking at the SF501B 1Watt. Then, I found this: US Powerful Thor Blue Laser Pointer Adjustable Lazer Pen Burn Paper Military 1mW | eBay How do they compare?
  11. ultralight01

    Sci-fi lasers delivery times?

    So, I'm really pondering over the SF501B 1Watt. I really want this laser. Really. I hear that the shipping time can be over a month. Is this true? Because man... that hurts even more, even if the guy is in isreal. Is the wait worth it, or should I find another seller like jet lasers or sky...
  12. ultralight01

    Difficulty to build this 1Watt laser kit with little building experience?

    This laser seems to be high quality-ish and is within my budget. My only question is how difficult is it to assemble? I have very little soldering experience and the listing doesn't bring out many details about the assembly. Here's the link. 501B DIY Complete Kit
  13. ultralight01

    Question about Blue 1W eBay laser and is it worth it?

    Hey there, I'm just starting this hobby, having had a couple of 5mw lasers and a 58-100mw Laser 303 is on its way. I keep seeing this one laser on eBay, and it looks pretty good, and because it's an average of $50 it seems like it may be better than some cheapies that eBay is known for. It's...
  14. ultralight01

    Replacing the Diode in a 5mw laser housing to a 50mw

    So, I'm trying to buy a 50mw green laser module from eBay, particularly, this one: Industrial Lab Lasers 3V 532nm 50mW Green Laser Diode Dot Module w Spring | eBay I'd like to put it into the housing for my broken 5mw laser. After dissecting the broken laser and reading the details on the new...
  15. ultralight01

    Need help deciding between "250mw" $20 lasers.

    (I live in the Northwest U.S.) Ok ok, so before you go on on how impossible it is to find a 200mw laser for $20, let me tell you that all I'm expecting or needing is at least 50-75mw. I ordered a 5mw green laser from eBay, and was then forever obsessed. I just wanted a laser that could at least...