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  1. CRX

    CRX CuTi Blue Laser - Osram PLTB450B 450nm 1600mW

    CRX CuTi Blue Laser Osram PLTB450B 450nm 1600mW - OFBD 1.6A - 10280 - Mo Button Tail Sw - 1600mW. Made from a DQG Titanium pill capsule with Ti extensions & hand made copper parts. Osram PLTB450B 1600mW 450nm 5.6mm TO56 Diode 3-Element collimating glass lens assembly 9.5mm x 0.7mm ARC...
  2. CRX

    CRX Brass & SS 532nm 20mW Green Laser

    CRX Brass & SS 532nm 20mW Green Laser - 10280 - Momentary, Forward Clicky Tail Sw - 250mA. Made from a shortened stainless steel BLF 348, 13mm x 0.5mm brass tube & other bits n pieces Still waiting on an IR filter to arrive, piece of glass in place in the mean time. Green 532nm 20mW 10mm brass...
  3. CRX

    LED Types used in Flashlights.

    Some useful LED information. LED Names & Models. Some common LEDs used in flashlights. . LED Size Comparisons. . . ANSI White with Cree Tints Overlay. . LED Chip Dimensions & Forward Voltages. .
  4. CRX

    CRX says Hello.

    Hello LaserPointerForums, I am CRX from Scotland, some of you may know me from the flashlight forums already. I like to modify and make torches by hand using only simple hand tools. I now have an interest in lasers too so I'm probably in the right place here ;) Here's an example of my...