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    My DL125, dragon case, batteries

    I'll start at 290...OR BEST OFFER!!!! The laser is pretty new. I just dont use is enough to justify paying almost 400. I really want to buy a lift kit for my truck.
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    DL 125mW, dragon case, batteries, charger, $290

    I'm selling my DL 125mW with four AAA energizer batteries and charger. Its the 15 min charger and I think I have a car attachment somewhere. My anniversary is coming up and I need to get some money to get the gift I want for my lady. I'm looking to get 350 shipped for everything. US only please...
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    Selling my 125mW Dragon laser Viper

    Selling my Brand new dragon laser 125mW. I have only used it five times. thirty seconds on one minute off. It will burn matches with three feet and pop balloons within ten feet with no marker. I havent even got to change the batteries for the laser yet. I just paid 350 but will sell for 300...
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    Well, you guys are it...now I'm here.

    Hi everyone, I just ordered my DL Viper 125mw on sunday and Cant wait to get it. I swear as soon as I hit that "pay now" button all of time has slown down. I feel like its been weeks since I ordered it. Trust me, I'll be no stranger to this forum. Thanks to everyone for all the advice so far...