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  1. rocket689

    Coherent Kenometer mod to get 10W reading??

    So, I bought my Kenometer with Coherent thermopile back in August (I was at SELEM at the time. ;) ) This was supposedly the last one the Kenom ever sold. Anyway, when he sold it to me, he said that the digital readout will meter up to 2W. He then said that I can read up to 10W by attaching a...
  2. rocket689

    FS: The "Stealth Twins" 445nm 1.4-1.5W *Sold Out for now*

    Hi Everybody!! :wave: For Sale: 2x "1.4-1.5W Handhelds that I have named the "Stealth Twins" Both Sold!! The lasers are in a black Aurora C6 host and require 2x 16340/CR123A cells. They are powered by a linear drivers that are running at ~ 1.45A. They are equipped with AR-coated glass...
  3. rocket689

    Post count dropping?

    Has anyone else noticed their post count dropping the last couple of days? It just seems like when I post something, the count is lower than the last time I posted. Maybe Ave is doing some house cleaning on old threads ? :thinking: Or, am I just going nuts?? (well, more nuts than usual :D)
  4. rocket689

    Trade Arctic for custom laser--- what's your opinion?

    Hi guys! I need your opinion. I built a custom laser for one of the members here. Last night,he said that one of his friends wanted the same laser, and wanted to trade his Arctic for it. the Arctic is pretty much brand new, with holster, charger and lenses. My laser is a 1.4W 445, with...
  5. rocket689

    WTB: 17mm round battery contact PCB

    Im looking for a source to buy 17mm round PCB contact boards. Essentially, I want a driver board without the components so that I can press fit it into my heatsink and pick up the positive from my battery and negative from the sink. Is there such a thing? All I need is two spots for the...
  6. rocket689

    Repairing a damaged Microflex

    A few months ago, I was building a tiny keychain host with a lpc-815 and a Lava Microflex driver. Long story short, the fit for the driver was extremely tight. I insulated the driver with electrical tape and installed it into the host. When I powered the laser on, nothing happened. Upon...
  7. rocket689

    Heatsinking the Groove 2

    Hey everybody. I'm putting together a LPC-815 right now, and I'm using one of the Doc's Groove 2 drivers. He's not the best with answering questions promptly, so I figured I'd ask here after searching the forum thoroughly. What components on the groove need to be heatsinked? I have a flat...