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  1. cheech226

    love those he ne's

    as i'm moving i've been going thru stuff as usual. lit up an old red tube. beautiful!. i have a nice naked green tube i bought from dave a long time back. it needed a ballast resistor at both ends. the + one i have and it's 10k ohms. the one for the - end i can't find. any idea what value i...
  2. cheech226

    WTB cheapo 18650 host

    i've been away from lasers for a few years so i've lost touch with the people here. i'd like to buy an old used host i could drop a 12 mm module from dtr into. i'm going for a 405 16x diode run at ~500 mW used for short <60 sec runtimes so massive heat sink not needed. ideally i'd just want to...
  3. cheech226

    i need a host

    i need a host for an lpc840 diode i'll have soon. i have an unused MSV4 i'll happily trade for most anything - even a c6!
  4. cheech226

    EVERYTHING 50% off at surplus shed today only

    here's the coupon code SS171406 today - 06/17/2014 only
  5. cheech226

    55% off of everything - surplus shed

    use coupon code SS101402 good thru 2/10/14
  6. cheech226

    lpm of my hl532

    i made the first video of my hl532 300 just to see how it's done. i will make another, more professional, video of it in action soon
  7. cheech226

    GONE! WTT - MSV4 for another host

    i have one of sinners msv4 hosts that i would like to trade for a host that uses a set screw in the heatsink. the msv4 is a fine looking and very functional host but i don't have a vise to press a module in. Pm me with what you have, it can be just a flashlight host
  8. cheech226

    praise for Flaminpyro

    i just received my first heatsink made by our master machinist flaminpyro. i'm way impressed. his attention to detail is extraordinary. the sink has two set screws even, to assure perfect alignment. jeff is a very good guy to deal with and customer service is way above and beyond any i've seen...
  9. cheech226

    foggy nite in se loosiana

    just a few beam shots into the foggy dark sky this is 200mW of 635nm and 500mW of 532nm and 2.1W of 445mn thanks for viewing:thanks:
  10. cheech226

    SOLD: 520 Green in SS Aurora Host NEW INFO

    ok, i'll throw in an aw 2400mAh 18650 battery. you can own this laser for LESS than the cost of parts alone! also i can install a 3 element lens instead of the g2 and let it go for $175 plus $5 shipping up for sale is a great green laser in one of my favorite hosts. the aurora sh-032 is a very...
  11. cheech226

    Sold: JDSU muliti line Ar ion

    sad to say i must part with my argon. this is a jdsu 2214 ml40 cylindrical tube along with it's 2214 power supply. it produces 5 lines at idle (4A) and the 6th appears @4.2A. lines are blue to green with the 502nm line being the 6th. lines produced are 457, 476, 488, 496, 502, and 514. this is a...
  12. cheech226

    jet lasers beam expander

    i purchased one of jet laser's 10x beam expanders from the group buy a while ago even tho i had no pl-e pro laser to attach it to. to my surprise i've found the standard aixiz focus ring fits perfect into the pl-e adapter that came with the beam expander. this means i can use it with all my...
  13. cheech226

    My first Wicked Laser

    i found this listing through the deals and discounts section of the forum Wicked E2 Evolution Series 5mW 532nm Green Laser Free Shipping | eBay i like the host and for $20 shipped i figured it was a deal. I was very surprised when after putting in the batteries I found the laser was working and...
  14. cheech226

    SOLD:3W+ 445 in C11 host by Mrcrouse

    up for sale here is a 445nm 9mm diode driven by the famous x-drive buck driver set to a conservative 2.2A with an added copper heat sink. with the included g9 lens the output is 3w+. the c11 host is by Mrcrouse and features a huge polished aluminum heatsink and custom polished focus knob. get...
  15. cheech226

    WTB C6 host

    I know one of you guys has a c6 just sitting somewhere. I already have a heat sink and a pill with brass ring. I just need the externals. Thanks.
  16. cheech226

    got the lines

    When I first saw the pictures of a multiline argon laser beam split with a diffraction grating I wanted to own one. Today I fired up my jdsu 2214-ml40 that I bought from dave. The package is similar to isaac's argon, my head is cylindrical tho and requires a fan and tube to remove the heat...
  17. cheech226

    SOLD 3W 445 Blue lasers - 2 to choose from LPM Graph

    The skyray is sold and i keep the C11. Up for sale is a 3W Skyray. The parts used are the best! The...
  18. cheech226

    techhood 650nm diodes

    I bought 10 of these diodes on the bay 660nm 300-400mw CW Red Laser Diode ML101U29-25 10pcs/pak | eBay and did some testing. 100mA - 17 mW 150 - 61 200 - 105 250 - 151 300 - 182 350 - 214 400 - 245 450 - 273 I over tuned...
  19. cheech226

    i'm in the 3W club now - pic added - it happened!

    My skyray with a 9mm 445 diode driven at 2.2A reads 3+W on my new laserbee II. So happy! I'm using the stock (g9) lens. Whoo-hoo!
  20. cheech226

    skyray all the way

    I recently bought a skyray host and I want to say I love it! It's a very good looking host and has some of the best heat sinking one can find in a small host. I've put a 9mm 445 diode driven by an xdrive set to 2.2 A into it. I'm pretty sure either dtr lives right across from the post or has...