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  1. rocket689

    FS: Kryton Grooves. Kenometer PRo

    Re: FS: Kryton Grooves PM sent for blue black fade. :) Edit: :paypal:
  2. rocket689

    [Pic heavy] 117mA PHR-803t Blue Hotlight

    Looks great, Bud! I'm glad you got it together. It looks awesome. :gj: Killer pics, too. :beer:
  3. rocket689

    Thank You RyanElectro

    Ryan is a very trustworthy guy. We have done business several times and he is prompt with payments and a downright nice person. I would recommend him to anyone. :D
  4. rocket689

    modwerx will be closing 10% off everything in store

    I am sorry to see Modwerx go.. :cryyy: You were the first place I ever bought laser parts. May the future be bright for you, Bud. :beer:
  5. rocket689

    Free JAD kit from Mohgasm.com

    You spoil us so much, Moh. Thanks! :D
  6. rocket689

    GB: 2$ copper modules ALL SIZES CLOSED

    :paypal: :D Thanks!
  7. rocket689

    GB: 2$ copper modules ALL SIZES CLOSED

    Re: GB: 2$ copper modules ALL SIZES I put my order in on the spreadsheet. :wave: Seeing as DTR is taking care of the US orders, was a shipping price decided for within the US? I don't think I saw anything, but I could have missed it...
  8. rocket689

    Pyrotechnic powders

    X2 on that thought, Wannaburn.. I had a pile of powder go off next to my hand when I was much younger (and dumber) I couldn't move it for hours, but it was ok past that. I have thought back on that many times and realized how lucky I really was. Just like lasers, and even more so, pyrotechnics...
  9. rocket689

    Pyrotechnic powders

    There are a bunch of good databases of pyrotechnics knowledge on the intrawebz. I like to use: Main Page - PyroGuide Pyro Universe APC Forum
  10. rocket689

    New 12X Laser Sled GB (BDR-S06J) $45 in USA!

    I just checked all of mine.. they are real ones. *whew* A big :thanks: goes to everyone who demonstrated how to distinguish between fake and real S06J's :wave: Plus an extra big one for our best buddy, Glenn! :D
  11. rocket689

    New 12X Laser Sled GB (BDR-S06J) $45 in USA!

    Hmmm....that does look like a SO6J sled... Strange. :confused: Anyone else find something like this??
  12. rocket689

    New 12X Laser Sled GB (BDR-S06J) $45 in USA!

    The SO6J's do have a flat plastic red... :thinking:
  13. rocket689

    Wiring of dual Ben Boost driver

    Nice! Thanks for the input. :gj: +1 for you. ;)
  14. rocket689

    My first build using a lathe, and my misstakes!

    Great looking first build! That looks like a decent chinese-made lathe, as well. :) :gj:
  15. rocket689

    1.7A Microboost Mod

    Wow. That is awesome! :gj: Jordan! :drool:
  16. rocket689

    Argon 488nm Value??

    I have actually been keeping my eye on that one as well.... I'm not sure how much the remote actually does function-wise. If you get a manual, it may just be as easy as jumping out a few terminals.. Not quite sure, though.... or else it would have disappeared into my collection by now. :D
  17. rocket689

    Presale: The Ben Boost

    ^^^ I agree. A pot would be awesome. Speaking of which, wasn't a pot adjustable Mohgasm supposed to be coming out as well, Moh?
  18. rocket689

    Presale: The Ben Boost

    My order is in! :wave:
  19. rocket689

    Presale: The Ben Boost

    Was in the middle of ordering and the site went down... :( :wtf: Edit: Of course the site is back up as soon as I post this.... :rolleyes:
  20. rocket689

    Exact diameter of a 17mm round pcb

    Every "17mm" pcb that I have come across is not a repeatable measurement. What I usually do is machine the step per the actual pcb. If not, I will make it exactly 17mm or slightly larger. Then the pcb's "tabs" can be filed to fit. :beer: