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  1. wesdaman14

    Dancing Obama Outside BBC London :o)

    LOL !! I gotta do this ! syQY26gtNjg
  2. wesdaman14

    Homeland Security Bill Passed

    Just wanted to let you know that the New Homeland Security Bill has passed.. Things will be different now and Internet surfing ,as you know it, will be tracked by what the FBI calls a 'non-intrusive method.' The FBI says you will hardly notice anything different. For a demonstration, click on...
  3. wesdaman14

    Amex-Paypal Help

    Went to the store and bought a $100 Amex,American Express Gift card. I went online and was going to buy a Cellphone. So i made a new paypal account, Enterted the new Card info Such as the Ex.Date, Cvv Number and Card Number. I click enter and then paypal says the card has been Denied by the...
  4. wesdaman14


    8th Anniversary was Today. As much as it was an inside job, People lost there lifes,Police,Firefighters,Workers,Paramedics, Commuters as well. Over 3000+ lives were lost that day on Sept.11.2001. Just a side note was a Page i saw and it had " 50 questions " That to this day are still...
  5. wesdaman14

    How: Live Video On my Website

    Hey guys. I use Zencart For my Website store. I was wanting to add a Live Video feed to the main page, And as of right now i have no idea what program i can use to stream video to my website. i dont like blogtv or ustream because your video goes live on the main page of the website, and i only...
  6. wesdaman14

    World's smallest laser created by scientists

    World's smallest laser created by scientists - Telegraph The breakthrough heralds a revolution in optical technology, paving the way to ''nanolasers'' that can probe and manipulate DNA, and super-fast computers and telecommunications. ''This work shatters traditional notions of laser limits...
  7. wesdaman14

    Best Iphone Clone ?

    Looking to get a new cellphone, and i am really liking those Touch screen Iphone's, But i don't have that type of money. Max i can spend is around 130$ Anybody Know a really nice Iphone Knockoff ? And it has to have at least a 3.2" TFT touch screen Not an 2.8", I like big screens !! Haha.Thanks...
  8. wesdaman14

    Wanna donate me some PHR Sleds ?

    Looking for anyone that has Phr-803t sleds that they dont need, i dont need the diodes just the sled. I would pay for shipping. Thanks
  9. wesdaman14

    WEbsite help needed Html

    Currently my website has to be re directed. to go to my website you have to type in w w w.protalkbox.com/zencart I want it so all i have to type in is w w w.protalkbox.com, and it automatically goes to the website without needing a re-direct screen like the current one i have now Any help...
  10. wesdaman14

    **** the government - wake up people!?

    Alright I want to see who else on this forum besides me is awake. I know Gordon_B is. What about you ? If you really think about the military and law enforcement (any branch) it's unbelievable to think that soldiers and police have any kind of self esteem and respect for themselves. They...
  11. wesdaman14

    Custom Machinist needed for lathe work

    I need someone with some Experience working with a lathe to tell me if they could possibly make something similar to this Here is another pic for closer up. it needs to be able to screw on the driver. The Throat Size: 1 3/8 x 18 Threads per inch its for something i make called a...
  12. wesdaman14

    Custom Lather needed ! Urgent need !

    New thread dammit.
  13. wesdaman14

    White teeth, Whats the fastest way to them?

    Well school is getting close about 15 more days till school starts. i wanna go to school with whiter looking teeth. what products could whiten my teeth that are safe to use and works really fast ?
  14. wesdaman14

    What is the best Energy drink that works ?

    I run Track, and Cross country at my highschool and i need a energy drink product that will work. No i am not gonna drink Monster,Rockstar or Vault cause those are just pure bs and loaded with sugar. I need a actual drink that will help me.
  15. wesdaman14

    HELP ! Potentiometer Needed for Keyboard

    Hey Guys. I really need help from anyone that knows potentiometer's and stuff like that. I have a Yamaha DX-100 Vintage Synthesizer and it has these " pitch " and modulation wheels" I was using the Modulation Wheel And all the sudden it would not move. This keyboard is well over 25years old so...
  16. wesdaman14

    Yay i am 1337 now !

    Ha, just noticed i turned Leet noww.
  17. wesdaman14

    Highest Powered Green for Cheap $

    In the market for a Green laser. What's the highest mW that i can get for around 85$max ?
  18. wesdaman14

    120mW Blu ray Module complete 35$ usa only

    Sold Sold-------------
  19. wesdaman14

    Cars to be started by lasers instead of spark plugs

    Cars to be started by lasers instead of spark plugs - Telegraph Scientists at Liverpool University and engineers at car giants Ford have developed a new ignition system which uses focused beams of laser light to ignite the fuel. The researchers claim the technology is more reliable and...
  20. wesdaman14

    200mw Blu ray indoors new camera