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  1. Wolfwood

    The Prodigal User Returns

    Hey guys. I am back after extended hiatus. I don't have a lot of posts or a lot of lasers, but i do have a 500mw red and a 1200mw blue i got from survival when they were still selling complete units to the USA. they are still running great too! since then i have picked up a couple of cheap...
  2. Wolfwood

    I cant wait! (package anxiety)

    My laser is almost here. For those that missed it, i just ordered my first laser kit from Survival Laser. The 660 nm ~300 mw kit. (yes, the one with the goggles and everything). I am surprised it got here so quickly - unfortunatley it isn't all the way here yet. My postman is a cool guy, cool...
  3. Wolfwood

    Another Texan!

    Hello folks! I've been a long time lerker here, you guys have been a great source of information and guidance in helping me decide what kindof laser i need/wanted to start out with, and finally where to buy. I have read countless threads, and finally decided to join officially today. you...