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  1. Xquantumtheory2019

    WTB yellow dpss handheld or lab

    Anyone have a yellow dpss handheld or lab laser they are willing to sell. Like maybe a 589nm spartan or something similar.
  2. Xquantumtheory2019

    Update on why i have been absent for so long.

    Hey guys. I am still a fairly new member here but when I first joined I was very active in the forums and made a few new friends (which I am extremely grateful for). Then suddenly I disappeared for a while and I just want to include everyone on why I was missing for as long as I was. I started...
  3. Xquantumtheory2019

    Looking for a handheld pulsed laser

    Hey guys is anyone here capable and willing to make a hand held pulsed laser capable of firing through a razor blade when focused. I'm willing to pay a fair amount
  4. Xquantumtheory2019

    Question about jet lasers ple mini 1 watt 520nm

    Hi guys i have a quick question for you. My 1 watt 520nm ple mini from jet lasers is on it's way. It says it takes 2 16340 batteries. I have never owned anything with these batteries before so when I received them I was surprised how small they were. I know the jetlasers house are pretty big...
  5. Xquantumtheory2019

    Getting worried about my Jet Lasers order.

    Hi guys I was wondering if anyone has ordered from Jet lasers recently. A few days ago i placed an ordered with Jet Lasers for a 1 watt 520nm PLE Mini. I have sent several emails to jet lasers asking if it has been shipped yet and I havent recieved anything back. Another thing that worried me is...
  6. Xquantumtheory2019

    Sanwu question

    Does anyone know what lens comes standard with the 3 watt striker saber? I have emailed the company several times and havent had the question answered
  7. Xquantumtheory2019

    Sanwu or jet lasers?

    Hey guys I am new to this forum and forums in general so I apologize if I am posting this in the wrong area. I just ordered a 3 watt 445 mm striker saber from sanwu and I am awaiting delivery (I cannot wait!) Any way i am really wanting a 1 watt + green either at 520 or 525. Just looking for...
  8. Xquantumtheory2019

    Hello from upstate NY.

    Hey guys I'm fairly new to the site and just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Ryan and I live in upstate NY. I have been a laser enthusiast since I have been very young. I am 33 years old and I remember seeing my first red laser pointer at RadioShack back when literally nobody had them at...
  9. Xquantumtheory2019

    Need help

    Hi guys I am purchasing a 1.3W 520nm NDG7475 Laser Diode In Copper Module W/X-Drive & G-2 Glass Lens from dtr's shop on Ebay since it's already in a module and already has the driver and lens attached I need help finding a host that is prebuilt that I can just connect the leads from the module...