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  1. Twisted

    Choose what lasers I get for my bday!

    I am dedicating around 100$ for you guys to pick what lasers I buy and review. Please nothing less than 70mW ( unless over-powered to more! :) ), Nothing more than 300mW, They have to be laser pen/pointer or hand held lasers, they cannot be out of the visible spectrum or near ir/near uv (not...
  2. Twisted

    EXTREME focusable 370mW yellow beast

    Hello I'm going to mix with dichro's HighTechDealZ - 650nm Aixiz Rkcstr 320mA LPC815 Red Laser Module and 200mW 532nm Green Laser Module (3V 11.9mm) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme It will have 2 potentiometers installed for getting the color of them to yellow ( I hope it will be like 250mW! :) )...
  3. Twisted

    I need yellow laser goggles! 589nm

    I'm building a yellow laser by combining red and green with a dichro, I can choose the yellow/orange wavelength to suit the goggles. I need some goggles but all I have found were some 100$ goggles! Please help. Also if they are that expensive could I just make transparant purple safety glasses...
  4. Twisted

    Dealextreme true lasers SUCK?

    Hello, I've seen on dealextreme people saying that the true green laser pointers have been stocked this month with crappy ones :\ is this true? If so what would be an alternative? And are there 100mW true lasers modified? What does it mean if there pots are maxed out? I think I might buy the...
  5. Twisted

    High power spartan laser

    Hello everybody :) I'm building a spartan laser from halo 3 and I would like to know if there is some kind of chip that will keep the laser off for 3 seconds then turn the laser on for 1 second then turn it off. I will have a mode for that. It will have a 5mw red laser on the bottom that will...
  6. Twisted

    Hello everybody!!!

    Hello my name is Chris I've loved lasers for 3 years but was not able to get one over 5mw for a long time but I still kept researching them... I am just now building a 200-300mw red http://laserpointerforums.com/f50/my-first-diy-laser-build-66887.html#post962424 and I recently bought a 30mw...
  7. Twisted

    My first diy laser build!

    Hello everybody! This is my first laser build and I was wanting to ask if I got everything correct and features I should add to it, So far I have the large Radioshack hobby box, Soldering Iron, Solder, Wire, Some kind of circuit board, Switch, Multi-meter, 2x AA battery holders. I'm going to...