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  1. icecruncher

    Is Sanwulasers a scam?

    I have a 3x Beam Expander from them No issues on getting it. Plus lots of people here have purchased from them and I haven't heard any major issues, although they are a newer company.
  2. icecruncher

    CLens GB #2 Interest_sign-up

    thanks It'll take at least a couple months to get back to normal PAID and Address sent
  3. icecruncher

    Diode pumped 588 nm laser

    In any case, somebody is spending tons of money to fill the gap. That is good new either way. Medical seems to be the push and there is money in it. So IMHO, it will happen when enough money and "ambition" get directed that way. Yellow or Orange diodes - either way I'd be happy.
  4. icecruncher

    Feeler for Jetlasers Group buy #11

    Will the 10x BE screw on a standard aixis head like the Sanwu 3x does? Didn't look like it from the pics
  5. icecruncher

    Any 1W laser diodes that I can run on 3.7V?

    You are also not stuck on a 18650, they are common but if you really want you can fit two 18350 or 16340 in almost the same space to get the higher voltage, if that helps at all. Works in most portables (65 mm vs 70 or 68mm) Last three digets are the length - ie: 650 is 65 mm etc
  6. icecruncher

    CLens GB #2 Interest_sign-up

    Confirmed - just got back on Missed this as I was in hosptial for 3 weeks. What about payment - please send info,
  7. icecruncher

    WTB: Ophir Heads, Ophir LPMs

    Another possible option is that several members, including me, bought Kenometers a few years ago. They have the same Ophir head on them and most were priced less than the head is going for now. You might find someone willing to part with theirs (but not me) At the time, the heads were available...
  8. icecruncher

    What is a Penta Prism?

    Thanks, nothing listed on forums regarding them. But Meredith Instruments has a laser Penta Prism for sale on ebay. I wondered why you would use one and obviously if no one has ever posted anything about them on here or PL then they aren't very common in laser systems. Apparently they are...
  9. icecruncher

    What is a Penta Prism?

    Can anyone explain, in simple terms, what a penta prism is and how it is used? I read the specs but I'm apparently still not sure of the way it works.
  10. icecruncher

    PERMANENT THREAD: Ebay& other internet FINDS of interest- read all the OP please sub

    I like my Kvant Clubmax. Kvant sells modules also but they are pricey. I just had someone build me a projector for my house, only one watt, but Saturn scanners, single mode, PBS cubed on all three colors, perfect alignment. Best you can get without going to gas and super professional. He is on...
  11. icecruncher

    PERMANENT THREAD: Ebay& other internet FINDS of interest- read all the OP please sub

    I have bought a couple similar ones to play with. One was 1/2 watt other was slightly more. My biggest issue with them was the size of the beams in relation to each other. Alignment was decent for short distances, Nothing great. On the ones I have, some of the beams where MUCH larger so you...
  12. icecruncher

    Veteran member spam reduction.

    Thank to all of you for the hard work.
  13. icecruncher

    Cheap diode drivers.

    I wondered what you meant by "proper lens" These things are always bad IMO.
  14. icecruncher

    DTR Is amazing

    I was almost 50 when I started and I am one of the first members still active! Hak was also older and he has been here forever also. Friendly Suggestion: - Gianakakis, Discord was started because of just that. Discord with LPF. I know some of the members over there and have a few friends who...
  15. icecruncher

    Increase mW of a laser.

    A few years ago I bought a half a dozen ultra cheap pen style 405s. About half could be modded to focus and most were actually in the 40-60 mw range. It was enough to burn, but only when focused really well. I agree about the 405's for the money, best cheap pointers, but I'm with the group...
  16. icecruncher

    What is better for burning, 532nm green laser or a 405nm blue?

    At 5mw "eye safe" you wont burn anything. As a general rule both 532 and 405 are underrated on pointers. They are totally different types of lasers, one is a diode and one is DPSS. A cheap DPSS usually doesn't have much to block the IR, so output is invisible, higher and more dangerous...
  17. icecruncher

    200mW 532nm from Techhood? Up to spec? Or overstated?

    I saw that too and thought something similar - That was one of the coolest builds I've seen.
  18. icecruncher

    200mW 532nm from Techhood? Up to spec? Or overstated?

    Here a couple of threads that mention the mode hopping and output - still cant find the original - but these are way older than I thought :) https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/532nm-in-kryton-first-run-host-pic-heavy.67476/#post-973130...
  19. icecruncher

    200mW 532nm from Techhood? Up to spec? Or overstated?

    Some background info that may help you. - unless things have changed dramatically. O-Like used to sell the same thing. Once in a while one would be close to 200mw. But usually they were quite a bit less. Most of the ones that have 200mw have a lot more heatsinking and are significantly larger...