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  1. The Lightning Stalker

    Secure Login

    Is the forum supposed to have a secure login? The little lock icon isn't showing up.
  2. The Lightning Stalker

    Corrosion in Fog Machines

    I just picked up my first heater type fog machine at Hamfest. Got a great deal on it It was new unopened, but had been sitting for some time and there is corrosion in the pump and strainer. I was able to get it working, so am happy to report that I can now take beamshot req's. :o So is...
  3. The Lightning Stalker

    685nm Pen Build - The Inspiraton

    On Instructables There are a few firsts in this build, so I decided to name it after the Inspiraton, the fundamental particle of inspiration, hoping that it will inspire others to do some similar builds. :p (Yeah, I know it.) The diode selected for the build was the HLD685035K5J. (See...
  4. The Lightning Stalker

    NiCd Pack Discharger

    NiCd don't like to sit around. It is recommended to cycle them at least once a month. Otherwise crystals can form inside and they will go bad. They are still used in some tools and other thigs. NiMH are slightly better about crystal formation, but do not deliver the current or the discharge...
  5. The Lightning Stalker

    FREE: Tektronix T922 15MHz Oscilloscope w/60MHz Probe

    Free for cost of shipping. A few people were saying they needed an oscilloscope. This is my old scope from college days. As you can see, one of the knobs on the front is broken. The knob is in the bag with the probe. As you cannot see, the triggering is unstable. I used to whack the side to...
  6. The Lightning Stalker

    The Super Miniar™ 20mA - 100mA Driver

    ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ Some basic design goals of the project: Drives case neutral and isolated diodes Ultra low dropout, <400mV 20mA - 100mA Operation with zero overshoot 2 - 10V Operation Potentiometer adjustable Bottom side free of components for optimal heatsinking Driver fits inside an AixiZ...
  7. The Lightning Stalker

    A. Pickle

    Things begin to get interesting around 3:10. Take particular note of the emission exiting the ends. It's a little easier to see in the full version. Does anyone care to comment?
  8. The Lightning Stalker

    New ultra thin diffractive lenses

    Perfect colors, captured with one ultra-thin lens -- ScienceDaily The Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has made a breakthrough in the science of ultrathin lenses. While it may be a while before we will be using this type of lens to focus lasers, this will see widespread use...
  9. The Lightning Stalker

    Bausch + Lomb 39676 Ruled Diffraction Grating

    Does anyone have an idea of what the line count is on these? I think the number may be a serial and not the actual part number. It's mostly rubbed off and nearly unreadable. There is also an arrow to indicate something. Is it maybe something to do with the blaze? Here is a link to some...
  10. The Lightning Stalker

    FS: Price Reduced! CNI 473nm Crystals

    I am putting up for sale a CNI 473nm TEC crystal housing with mirror and Neodymium crystal. Along with it goes an LBO crystal to go inside. I'm feeling too apathetic to get it working right now and want someone to have it who will give it the attention it needs. I was going to make a hermetic...
  11. The Lightning Stalker

    Using Lasers to Create Super-hydrophobic Materials

    A group of researchers at Rochester University led by Chunlei Guo has developed a laser etching technique to carve superhydrophobic surfaces. Water has such a high contact angle with the special new pattern that it bounces like a ball and dribbles away.
  12. The Lightning Stalker

    LasersWiki Down for the Forseeable Future

    I just had a conversation with the mysterious proprietor of LasersWiki, who shall remain nameless, and it's going to be down for a while. It will probably be coming back online at some future time, though, and a backup was made. The backup does not include the user accounts, which is no big...
  13. The Lightning Stalker

    Liquid Sky from a LaserJet 4P Polygon Mirror

    This is the beginnings of a Liquid Sky project. The original laser diode, driver, and lenses have been removed. The driver IC is an apparently undocumented custom ASIC and the diode is nearly useless (low power invisible IR). Ardiuno Uno 2kHz - 1MHz square wave pulse generator for clock...
  14. The Lightning Stalker

    eBay seller bwshop07

    2 Collimating Lens Focusing Lens 7mm for Laser Diodes | eBay The lenses arrived damaged with fingerprints. After a bit of correspondence, the seller eventually gave a refund. The moral is to be careful who you buy optics from. Ask some questions before pulling the trigger.
  15. The Lightning Stalker

    Good Article on Laser Welding

    Details on some of the laser requirements for welding and parameters that affect the outcome Fundamentals of laser welding - EE Publishers
  16. The Lightning Stalker

    Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance (NOHD) Tool

    I have just posted a spreadsheet to Google® Docs™ that will calculate divergence, spot size, and power density. Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance (NOHD)
  17. The Lightning Stalker

    WTB: BluRay Sled Optics

    Does anyone have a some old Blu-Ray™ sleds? I wrecked a lens the other day trying to clean it and found out that the 24mm FL servo optic in Blu-Ray sleds is almost perfect. It's coated and about the right diameter, but I am fresh out of Blu-Ray sleds with pristine optics. Help. Please?
  18. The Lightning Stalker

    GearBest Laser 301 High Power '405nm' Blue Light Zoomable Laser Pen

    Here again, I think we have another winner. High Power 301 405nm Blue Light Zoomable Laser Pen Pointer Lazer Beam - 1 x 18650-7.13 and Free Shipping| GearBest.com http://laserpointerforums.com/f41/gearbest-new-arrival-5mw-laser-pointers-waiting-discounts-processing-91578 USE COUPON CODE...
  19. The Lightning Stalker

    Lasers on a Train

    2kW Q-switched YAG for removing track debris :D Also blasts rust right off the rail Dutch Train to be Equipped With Lasers - MEGATechNews Dutch Trains Prove Everything Is Better With Lasers
  20. The Lightning Stalker

    5mW "Ghost" Laser

    Back in July, I was approached by a member here with a custom build request. The requirement was to have a dot, or as close to a dot as can be reasonably achieved, floating unsupported in free space for some type of art installation. As you might imagine, we quickly discovered that the main...