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  1. Lonewolf

    Dust cap for C6

    I've been checking out some of the deals at Illumination Supply, and purchased one of these https://illuminationsupply.com/garage-sale-c-70/gs041-olight-tseries-diffusor-p-567.html#.UZrob6tpmCx. I tried it on one of my C6 builds....it was a perfect fit... Another view...
  2. Lonewolf

    Surplus Shed 46% off everything sale

    This is great sale, thought I'd share it to the good people here. I'm not sure how to do this.... 46 PERCENT OFF EVERYTHING SALE We desperately need space for new stuff. This is our biggest sale ever! EVERYTHING you purchase from now thru...
  3. Lonewolf

    MXDL 3405 battery modification for LOC/LCC

    I made this cheap modification to use two CR2 3.6v batteries, in the 3045. I'm not sure on the run time, but it seems to power the LOC with no problem. Parts used... 1/2 inch (inside diameter) PVC For battery spacer...... Wood dowel Two flat washers Copper house wire Rubber o-ring...
  4. Lonewolf


    I found this place while looking for batteries, has anyone ordered from them? Check out the cases and GITD items Fenix Flashlights, Cree Q5 LED, Lithium Batteries, Lithium Ion Batteries, Li-Ion Chargers, Leatherman Multitools, Spyderco Knives and more!
  5. Lonewolf

    Hello from Tennessee

    Greetings, I found this site while searching for information on green lasers for astronomy. After doing alot of searching and reading, I am amazed at all the different types there are. I have had the red pointers and really didn't know what the big deal about the green ones were.....now I know...