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  1. hakzaw1

    Seasons greetz to ALL

    .and blessed 2020== now having '2020 hindsight' takes on a whole meaning.
  2. hakzaw1

    Jonus--new member from Germany

    Send him a welcome here: https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/hey-im-the-new-member.104679/ no need to post here... most do not know why we should post locations in the title of our 'intro'. Sadly this new forum does not show our locations below our avatars EVERY time we post. So getting...
  3. hakzaw1

    Welcome to new member 'ManCave' in LONDON.

    I hope he becomes a great asset to LPF. Please greet him and get him to make the next UKLEM-- hak
  4. hakzaw1

    Heads up DELAWARE MEMBERS--new guy GUS

    Send him some greets and put him on your invite list for any LEMs see thread.. 'Just saying Hello'
  5. hakzaw1

    HEADS UP CAL Members

    new member Matt-- plz invite him to any LEMs out there-- https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/introducing-me.105170/
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  7. hakzaw1


    did i do dat??
  8. hakzaw1

    WHY so many 'necro posts' lately.

    I think I know why..near the top we see thread titles IN BLUE. I do not know how these are chosen BUT this is NOT done by a human. Some are >10 yrs old-- members (not just new ones) see these and post w/o looking at several posts for dates AND/ OR the OP DATE(or Mother post). This could not...
  9. hakzaw1

    Veterans and Memorial Days- and SELEM and members no longer with us.

    Veterans Day and Memorial Day Some may ask why we have both. Memorial Day honors fallen warroirs who paid the supreme sacrifice of losing thier lives while protecting ours. (Or later from injuries while serving or perhaps passed for other reasons) FROM the web ''Memorial Day is a day of...
  10. hakzaw1

    Roadside Hero LED 9 function anyone seen in person?

    https://www.amazon.com/Tactical-Multi-Function-Emergency-Flashlight-Emergencies/dp/B07D8YKRKH Tactical Black ROADSIDE RESCUER 9-IN-1 Multi-Function Solar Powered Car Emergency Flashlight Tool with Window Breaker, Seat Belt Cutter, Compass &... Can be used a PS (for cellfone music player etc)...
  11. hakzaw1

    A bit overkill-- BUT if you have a saltwater fish tank. check this out

    Just sent a brand new 450 Pl-E Pro to a member and while its way too big.. that is better than too low output to do the job of zapping those unwanted critters that can be bad for your tank(s) I dont thank anyone was/is TOTALLY prepared to realize how big PL-Es are!! Possible biggest /longest...
  12. hakzaw1

    About an hour ago a second Texas Chemical plant had an explosion that killed one and injured two others...

    About a week ago it happened at another Tx plant w/ injuries to seveal. The one today could be heard for many miles...the weather is perfect--no wind. This time it was in Crosby Tx. they make glycol and other ingredants in brake fluid and gasoline. \ Pray for them...
  13. hakzaw1

    Join us in greeting a new member from Poland

    https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/hello.104330/ 'Hi folks, I'm Aleksander from Poznan, Poland. ' please send him your greeting-BUT please do not use this thread. Just use the above link. I know he will be an asset to LPF> ty
  14. hakzaw1

    JOIN us in greeting new member John, from Greece. Username 'hicoree'

    Post your kind words of welcome HERE: https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/new-member.104282/ welcome aboard JOHN. ----------------------------------------------- I.m sure he would like hearing from others nearby. DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD PLZ.
  15. hakzaw1

    Mystery Green Scientific Lab Laser ---anyone recognize this beastie.???? LQQK

    Only 'clues' are the pics. I have more pics of it in my media album. Someone might get a hellava deal on this 1W 532. PM with offers.. thanks for looking. ++++++++++++++++ combining posts- ++++++++ Hate to part w/ my brightest laser... Has no key (!danger!) or place for one.. it can be added...
  16. hakzaw1

    So you think you can chef (cook)?

    Here is a dish that would make any cook proud. BRB w/ link...... on second thought, here is the entire recipe. I Tried to make a 3X amount & I TRIED to do it pretty much solo ... never again. It was being sent to the judges along w/50+ entries in the 'Friday Night Feast' catagory. Ran out...
  17. hakzaw1

    How to earn free samples of laser stuffs.

    I worked as a copy editor for some time when I was younger. So it is second nature for me to look for better ways. Many times we see the same 'errors' from several sellers--why? they 'borrow' from like listings along with any errors. This one is different.. While they may be trying to say the...
  18. hakzaw1

    'Intro' threads--- the good the bad and the non-existent..... why bother?

    Sadly is does not occur to many new members to make an 'intro' ..you get a zero..some make wonderful intros-(they get a 10)AND get lots of replies AND if done RIGHT will make your stay at LPF much better. IMHO it is as simple as this.... OUR forum is not unlike a big ass party w/ open...
  19. hakzaw1

    ROUND #2 CXL

    . mmmmmmmmmmmmtoo baddddddd
  20. hakzaw1

    ADD 505nm & 515nm greens to your collection for less than $60-$hip free add ac/dc get PLUGPLAY

    While both of these COULD be made into 'porta-labbys' AND DOI have tiny footprint.. these are NOT Penpointers nor do they make a good small flashlight build. Possible in maglite build. 3 or 4 18650s The advantages include no rest cycling-100% duty-and thus a longer lifespan. and an end to...