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    Cool Article - Green Laser Diodes

    Sure I am interested. But since I am more dumm than you I don't know what you are talking about. So before I jump in I'm going to have to be much less dummer than this. Very cool article for us non-tech people...just wish I was less dumm.
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    Is high power laser illegal in Canada?

    LaserGlow is in Canada."The Most Powerful Handheld Laser in The World" is a Guiness Book record that they hold.
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    Laserpointers for Satfinding!

    Someone just did.
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    The let out your aggression thread

    Sometimes I feel real dum. Jesus...I get it.
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    magnification glass

    I got a fresnel lens off the front of a projection-type big screen talevision. It will start a fire with wood within 3 seconds on a sunny day and even when it's overcast it don't take long. I can honestly say that it is scarey. I make sure I don't even store it near a window.
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    The let out your aggression thread

    Wait...who or what is the "invisible sky wizard"?
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    my bonus in march

    John, I tried to vote for each of the good ones but it only let me vote one time. If you don't treat you right nobody will. DO IT!
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    my bonus in march

    It sux that anyone would say "bills, family, blahblahblah". I think you oughta crack the whip around your house. Those deadbeats are suckin the life out of you ,man! Not only should you get WHATEVER you want, but they need to find jobs so you don't have to budget yourself next time you want some...
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    I have no opinion or comment regarding this thread. I just want to say I LOVE that fireworks clip! Almost turned that rooster into a hen.P.S. Wow. I got no reputation. First time in my life that ever happened!
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    New 400mw Handheld Green Laser

    2 cents: For color anodizing they have special dyes that mix in the bath. But I have used Rit fabric dye in the bath with acceptable results.
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    Aiming on airplanes

    They WILL getcha.And the way they will do it is with a combo of several technologies:global imaging,global positioning, and IR cameras to name a few.These days if you do ANYTHING illegal, and you are outside, don't even look up...they just took your picture! Last year someone here posted a...
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    New RPL-400 from Optotronics

    I got had. Both my divorces cost a lot more than FREE!
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    The flyback based stun gun I made

    I wanna see somebody shock their pickle. Video, please.
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    Autopsy of a green module (NSFW)

    I must be a tard or something: I had to go to the Internet to find out what "NSFW" means.
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    Re: Laser Company scams reveiled and Explained

    Re: Laser Company scams reveiled and Explained He probably didn't mean to use the same avatar as me so I vote not to ban.
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    Drugs and lasers, dude!

    Only users lose drugs.
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    Yo mamma is so fat her butt cheeks have different zip codes.
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    Re: the ban

    Re: the ban Sorry I asked.
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    Sun + Magnifying Glass = ?mw

    Super dangerous. At first I gave it no thought. But I changed my mind when I saw how fast it can light stuff. And we're not talking about some little whif of smoke - I'm talkin full, hot robust flame in less than a second. Crap , Ican't light a 2x4 in less than a second even with...
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    Sun + Magnifying Glass = ?mw

    Don't buy a fresnel lens. Keep your eyes open and the next time you see a big screen TV that is on it's way to the dumps...score! I got mine that way and I bet it is at least 3' x 4'.(Thats three feet by four feet.) If I ever figure out how to post pics/vids you will be blown away! This sucker...