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    De-anodizing hosts (Pic Heavy)

    So inspired by LaZeRz and lazereer, I decided to de-anodize and polish a couple of hosts of mine. De-anodizing complete: Before: After: Before: After: Polishing progress: 2 Hours working on the heatsink yielded this: Heatsink finished: Reflecting my camera :D: Polished vs...
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    Just a thought...

    Due to the many issues that I have been having with Paypal, and the fact that it is the preferred method of payment on LPF (and the internet) I am wondering if there'd be a market for using a payment service like Paypal, but specifically laser-based. It would have the same methods of dealing...
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    Great transaction with rhd

    So I recently purchased one of rhd's Soviet Sisters and one of the Ancient Light hosts. They arrived today and I must say I am very pleased with his packaging. The package was opened and inspected by Australian Customs but nothing was removed. :D I am buying a new camera tomorrow so will save...
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    Just begging for another lawsuit (Wicked)

    Now I know that George Lucas failed to win a case against them over the Arctic but surely this infringes on some copyright laws: jGOlEeXANm8 Lase
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    FEELER: New 3.8 reds neutral grounding

    Hi all, This is for anyone involved in the GB for the new red diodes lazereer has acquired for us. I have spoken to JLSE about having these diodes altered and he stated that if more people from the GB were interested we may be able to organize to have lazereer send them for alteration before...
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    What's your Easter tradition?

    Hi all :D Since it's Good Friday already in Australialand and this happens to be the only time i've gotten off in the last month and for the next few to come. My plans include lots of these types of 'Easter Eggs' :D (note it's empty already ^_^) What do you do to celebrate the 4 day holiday...
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    Styropyro - Great seller.

    :D :D :D :D I am so happy... my first 593.5 (Wicked Lasers Evo Limited Edition) turned up today from styropyro. Shipped out on the 21st (in the US) and arrived today (27th in Australia). I will get some pictures up when I figure out the battery polarity (so I don't fry it immediately). The...
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    Question about Flashlight LEDs

    I was playing around with a flashlight that I'm pulling apart to turn into a laser host. It has 19 LEDs. It normally takes 3x 1.5V batteries (and produced a hot white light), but just to see what happened I put in 2x 18650 batteries. The light turned bright blue with the exception of one single...
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    Worldwide shipping times.

    I thought it'd be a good idea to have a thread showing what the shipping times were for all over the world. To Australia: From: Within Aus: 1-2 days standard, Next day express US: ~2 weeks standard post, <1 week express. China: ~2-3 weeks standard, < 10 days express. To Canada: From: China...
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    MELLES GRIOT 05-LLR-831 10mW max HeNe Laser - eekBay

    Just found this: MELLES GRIOT 05-LLR-831 10mW max HeNe Laser - eekBay Thought it might be interesting for someone looking for parts or who might be able to get it working again. There's more than one up for offer. They're up for $45 but you can make an offer on them. Lase
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    LPF Invaded by the Asterisk

    All posts on LPF have been partially replaced by asterisk's for me. Lase
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    CLOSED - Lase's "Everything MUST GO!" Sale

    Hi all, I am unfortunately (due to life getting in the way) going to have to sell everything I own laser-wise. I will NOT discuss why I'm leaving but I may be back at some point in the future (And no I haven't been sent to jail for laser misuse :na:) So: First off I have a bunch of hosts...
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    My Laser Art

    Top 'O the mornin' to ye :beer: I was taking photos for the Holiday Beamshot Comp and came up with some interesting shots that can't be considered as entries. So I gave them their own thread. I will be adding more as I resize them. These first 4 were all taken with bare output only. No...
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    Bizarre 405 issue.

    I was trying to sell or trade my waterproof 405 a while ago and had gotten an offer. So i sent it to bobhaha to LPM it and act as a middleman. The laser turned up at his door DOA. I gave him the ok to open it up and assess what was wrong. After a month of PM's not getting through (from both...
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    Misc Laser Sale

    Just found this on eeekBay Link It's a lot of heatsinks (gold plated), 2 x He-Ne lasers and housings. The seller doesn't know what he has. Might be a good deal for parts. Might be a great deal if the He-Ne's work. Lase
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    Knife-edge array - Aus

    I am looking at putting my 9mm 635 diodes into a knife-edge array and was wondering where I could get the mounts minus the mirrors. Kind of like the one rhd was selling (I'd link it here but my phone is shit and doing anything right) or parts for one. I have the mirrors on hand already. I'd...
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    Handheld laser music visualizer

    Now I don't want to start another thread where people bash WL. (not that I'm defending them) I just want to know the plausibility and method behind this idea. Video Would it really be possible to build a handheld laser that reacts to music and how would one go about doing it? Lase
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    REVIEW: 250mW 650nm Module from Lazerer.com

    This is my first review so please be patient. I will add pictures later. I ordered the 250mW 650nm Burning Red Laser Module w/ Battery Case on the 30th of September. It arrived on the 7th October from Hong Kong. I'm used to it taking up to 6 weeks for things to ship out from China so I was...
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    WL releases a 589 Laser

    So I saw that WL is now selling a Limited Edition and Never Before Seen >5mW 589nm Evolution. Now this is a laser that has to be on spec right?:crackup: Still it's a lot cheaper than some websites 1mW 589's. Just thought I'd bring attention to it as it's not on their public website. Lase
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    FS: ~200mW 405nm Waterproof Laser

    Hi, I am hoping to sell this laser or trade it for an IR or 660nm one. This was bought approx 6 months ago and has little use (spent 3 months still in the package) It was advertised as 200mW but seeing as I don't have an LPM I don't know, but I'd hazzard a guess that it's less. I don't have...