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  1. magonegro

    Women and lasers, it's just me?

    Why *almost* every woman are scared by burning lasers? Is there any explanation? Do you know any laserist woman? Hey, no offence, I'm not being sexist, just wondering why... :thinking:
  2. magonegro

    Can this be used as an analog TTL controller ?

    Can this be used as an analog TTL controller in a LM317 driver ? DealExtreme: $5.30 VMA2012 2*3W Class D Audio Amplifier Module
  3. magonegro

    DIY DILDA rkcstr 445nm

    Hi, I think I should show you this new project. I had around an old DX dilda and some time and thinking about it... why not? So I disassembled it and put a rkcstr at 430ma, for helping heatsinking I cutted a little alum heatshink (and it helps a lot!) Lens is an Aixiz 445, it uses two LiIon CR2...
  4. magonegro

    New portable labby build

    Here is my new portable labby. I rely here in a LM317T DDL driver with a Lipo batt. The resistor in the DDL driver is a 4w 1.2 ohm, and the great pot between the batt and driver is a 47 ohm 6w rheostat. I think it puts like a 900ma but I don't know how many mw outputs cause I have no LPM. Mi...
  5. magonegro

    Sled head for precision magnetic alignment of dichros ?

    Hi, I am in the last stage of my projector and thinking about an adjustable precision alignment for mirrors/dichros. Had read a lot about screw adjustable mounting rigs, and thinking about that I don't remember where but some folks built a mini lasershow putting a mirror on a sled head and...
  6. magonegro

    Hi you all from Spain

    Hi, I have been reading your forum long time ago. Never registered till yesterday, but I think I owe you thanks for the lot of things I have learned here. For sure I'm a laser enthusiast and I have lots of lasers, my favourites are the ones I do by myself. Have some labbys DIY from 3 years or so...