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  1. Euphonious Nonsense

    WTB: Copper/Brass/Titanium Pen lights

    As title states, looking for some small sleek hosts made from decent quality materials. Acebeam and Jetbeam both make a few that are kind of in the realm of what I am after. LMK what ya got!
  2. Euphonious Nonsense

    Seeking Assitance: Experienced Builder(s)

    I am looking for someone who has about 30 minutes of time for a skype call this weekend to ask a few questions about reoccuring issues I am having when building new lasers. Figured it would likely be easier to show you what I am working with in realtime rather than just try and articulate it in...
  3. Euphonious Nonsense

    Fs: Lots of stuff! (Added a Laser 1-2-17)

    !!!SOLD!!! Sanwu Pocket Series 405nm
  4. Euphonious Nonsense

    WTB: Nano Buck/Boost Driver

    For a 405 build I am working on... I see DTR has them but only as a package with the diode, which I already have. Anyone have any of these they want to sell or can direct me somewhere that does? Thanks in advance!
  5. Euphonious Nonsense

    WTB Mitsubishi ML562G84

    I was planning on grabbing one of these from podo but he let me know yesterday he cannot get them anymore. Anyone have one they want to let go?
  6. Euphonious Nonsense

    PBS-1 style Airsoft Silencer - Bear with me here...

    So I saw this while in a local airsoft store and after having it in my hands I knew i had to have it. It is far too heavy for it's intended use (imo) but I figured it very possibly could be made into a unique host in the right hands. I am no machinist so, thoughts? Resized the photos but they...
  7. Euphonious Nonsense

    FLASH SALE: Used M140 A-Type Diodes 445nm 1.8W 5.6mm $8-$13

    Alright I need a cash infusion for some more parts so I am going to try and offload these here first then on ebay if they don't seem to go anywhere here. I pulled (M140) and leaded these myself using 26g silicon sleeved wire from FlaminPyro. The first 20 will have about 2000hrs of runtime...
  8. Euphonious Nonsense

    WTT: Multiple M140 A-type diodes for your 455nm, 462nm, 465nm diode.

    Gonna have to be at least a 2w capable diode preferably something a bit higher than that. I also have a couple M140 M-types I would considering letting go as well if the other party needs them. Prefer 5.6mm or larger diode. :thanks:
  9. Euphonious Nonsense

    Found! Ty lpf!

    I have been trying to do this in the background through PMs but I am not having much luck. If anyone has a Krypton Groove they would like get rid of I have been looking.
  10. Euphonious Nonsense

    Harvesting, XJM140...

    Any advice or "need to knows" from you pros out there before I get started on this tomorrow? Edit: Good lookin' out. Guess i missed that but makes perfect sense.
  11. Euphonious Nonsense

    Looking for LPM services! (7w+)

    I've noticed there seems to be quite a few active members in California. I have been keeping my eyes open for a LPM to purchase but in the meantime I was wondering if we have anyone fairly close who would let me meter some lasers?
  12. Euphonious Nonsense

    Ever Purchased from PRISM Electronics? (EBay)

    Found some good stuff in here but just wondering if anyone has any experience with them? prism_electronics1 on eBay prism_electronics1 | eBay - Search all of their inv. with term laser
  13. Euphonious Nonsense

    Slightly Modded Thor MII

    Bored out the ID of the Thor to allow RCR123A's to fit in there. Relatively low fuss mod, hardest part was finding the right tool to fit inside. Ended up with 3-4 minute longer runtime. I may try to do an 18350 next but being I've only had this thing for 2 days I think I'm going to enjoy it a...
  14. Euphonious Nonsense

    A Short Introduction...

    Howdy! I've been a lurker on this forum for awhile but I am finally getting to where I feel like having an account may be beneficial. In light of that I wanted to make this post to introduce myself as well as give all of you an idea of why I am here. My interest in lasers started when I was...