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  1. magonegro

    100 KW Continuous Tunable FEL

    Hmmm, electron laser? well not really a laser at all, because electrons are not photons, they don't travel at the speed of light, they have mass, and charge, I think of it more like a thunderstorm. But this time the ray will blend at the magnetic field of the Earth, making possible to shoot...
  2. magonegro

    FS J.BAUER Electronics LaserBee 2.5 Watt USB only + Data Logging.. In Stock Now

    Re: J.BAUER Electronics LaserBee 2.5 Watt USB only + Data Logging $119.99.. In Stock Got mine in the mail today, it took olny a week to arrive from Canada. I hope to have time this night to test it. ;-) Nice packaging. I can't wait to dissipate all my doubts about the power of my lasers. Maybe...
  3. magonegro

    FS J.BAUER Electronics LaserBee 2.5 Watt USB only + Data Logging.. In Stock Now

    Re: J.BAUER Electronics LaserBee 2.5 Watt USB only + Data Logging $119.99.. In Stock Hey that was fast! Thanks again Jerry. Will post a review when it arrives ;) Have a nice day :)
  4. magonegro

    The Hardest thing I have ever had to in my Life

    Sorry for your loss my friend. For sure she is now in a better place along with her parents looking down to you and yours. I haven't been around here for some weeks, and precisely I am quitting smoking. With the help from some electronic cigarrettes I have switched completely from normal...
  5. magonegro

    Can we destroy an asteroid with a high powered laser?

    Knowing the orbits of as much objects as possible, we potentially could attach small reactors to smaller objects to modify its orbits and use them like bullets against Apophis, taking advantage of its complementary movements and LOTS o kinetic energy, and thus producing a much more powerful...
  6. magonegro

    BDR-S06J 12x Sled question

    Yup, easy enough, the heatsink is wide enough to be kept in a vice and then use your preferred method for extracting the diode. I found this sled particularly easier than others due to the size and soft of the heatsink.
  7. magonegro

    Can a friend see my laser in a clear night sky from 2 miles away?

    Laser pointers are little objects to be seen from 2 miles, but heavy enough to be throwed at some height. I don't think your friend could see a flying pointer throwed by you to the sky. But for sure he could hear your @!#&@!$% when it hits the soil. Hey no offence just kiddin' ;-) Now...
  8. magonegro

    Quick question about Rayleigh scattering:

    Answer to the first question: Don't think only in the number of photons, but also its energy. Let's say you have a 1mw green and a 1mw blue, you will have less photons per second in the blue one, because the energy radiated is the same (1mw) but the energy of a blue photon is more than the green...
  9. magonegro

    Any Use Of IR Diodes Extracted From DVD Writers ?

    I had a bunch of them lying around, and some day I took six of them (780nm 100ma) into its respective aixiz modules but without lenses and built a 3AAA IR flashlight for night vision shots. With the lenses on, it was a paint to align them all; so I simply took the lenses off. I ended giving it...
  10. magonegro

    Snowfall and Lasers

    A beamshot of a tunnel will be cool...
  11. magonegro


    I have made some real reviews at DX and it wasn't censored or modified. They just check them out before publishing. That laser could easily be 200mw if not more. I have had some models near this one and I believe it could be 200-300mw. I seriously doubt about the 500mw. But waaay more powerful...
  12. magonegro

    1.1watt laser igniting plain white printer paper

    I usually do it by slightly defocusing the beam, besides this there are kind of white papers that ignite easier than others, I guess it has something to do with diferent coatings. Anyway I always end up with a flame, even with thick white paper cardboard.
  13. magonegro

    Does a diode's power output degrade over time?

    Agree with EF, and also with the "awesomeness" in his binary code on his sig!
  14. magonegro

    Were should I buy a IR diode?

    I bought mine's at ebay's snoctony.
  15. magonegro

    Check This Out!!!

    Excluding lasers, (a low powered greenie module is cheap) I did mine for about $170 using the audio DAC mod and a lava amp, galvos are ~20kpps@8deg enough for easy graphics. Now working on the RGB module & my own software. The RGB module will cost me about $300 including dichros, holders, lasers...
  16. magonegro

    Lasers in space

    The space is a "near vacuum" media, so the less matter it has the less visibility of the beam will be seen. In a perfect vacuum light travels at the constant speed c. When a photon interacts with matter it is absorbed by the atom (actually a bound electron), and sometimes it is emitted away some...
  17. magonegro

    If you don't have a heatgun, READ THIS!!!

    I have been using BIC lighters for years, never had a trouble. Like Kookapeli says sometimes also use the soldering iron for tiny things. Recently buyed a rechargeable graduable butane torch for this and other things. I have used even an unfocused 300mw red laser beam, but not practical because...
  18. magonegro

    What actually occurs with color blending?

    Wavelengths never change, it's just you retina that gets that color to your brain. Look here: Color vision - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  19. magonegro

    Help.. Can't get the cap off this pointer

    That is a very common host, press fitted &/or glued. Hard to extract without making some scratches.
  20. magonegro

    Bought a 200mw diode from dx, concerned about safety

    It's good to be concerned about your safety, but be concerned also for the other people's safety. Don't aim at people, animals or inside houses. Don't lase airplanes etc. Outdoors lasing can be done without danger for anyone, if you use the lasers with responsibility. Anyway you should buy some...