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  1. Kaiden57

    Custom 1.2W Sanwu Challenger 525nm

    Hello fellow enthusiasts I have a custom sanwu build from sanwu I would like to part with. I asked podo if he could stuff a 1.2W 525nm into a challenger host and he definitely delivered however I forgot to tell him I wanted the smooth style host. I still like the laser and its maybe a month old...
  2. Kaiden57

    Sanwu 7W silver

    Ok so this is my first ever review and I I dont have all the exact specs for this laser sp it will be more of a consumer review instead of a builder's review, so here goes! Sanwu silver 7 watt 445nm laser Shipping- ~3weeks from order Packing- if you haven't ordered from sanwu then its packed...
  3. Kaiden57

    Customs & my address

    So this seems the most appropriate place for this thread so here goes. I've looked around a little but I'm not sure how to phrase my search when looking so here it is. I'm not familiar with importing and customs laws and all that goes with it, so I begin to wonder: If I'm ordering lasers from...
  4. Kaiden57

    Hello from Southern Illinois

    Hello one and all, after much reading and hopefully better judgement, I've decided to join and also make my debut to the forum. Let's see here, I live in southern illinois as I've mentioned and I'm new the hobby of laser collecting and building eventually. I'm just fascinated by lasers and the...