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    Copier diode

    Harvested a laser diode out of a copier that broke. The sticker said "Class 3B laser device" Would any of you have an idea of it's wavelength and potential mw output? I think I may have a driver around to power it up...but I'll wait and see what you all might think.
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    Big ScreenTV

    Anybody here ever play with the giant fresnel lens that some big screen tvs have? I "harvested" mine outta the front of a tv that was destined for the dumps. This sucker will light a 2x4 in under 2 seconds.
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    Could God make a portable laser so powerful

    that even He had to wear eye protection? I know I'm a dumbass but I laser related this to say Goodbye to George Carlin.A lot of people die and I don't care. I am an old,tattooed,long haired hardass. But I cried when I found out George is gone.He made me laugh forever and changed the way I...
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    hilarious laser video

    I'm sorry I don't know how t get this video posted right, but if anybody wants to crack up try to fnd this.I bet i replayed it 50 times and i'm still laughing. I found it in a google search.It's called "Laser Glasses Training at Coed College Video-Vidly". I hope this is enough info for you to...
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    eye damage

    last night i read that there has never been a reported case of blindness which was caused by a laser. anybody else ever hear/read this? how could this be true?
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    Something Positive

    I recently bought an RPL300 from Pseudo and I just want you all to know that it and he are BADASS! I only know what i read here about lasers, but a friend told me(after he saw and touched it) that this RPL from Pseudo is identicle to the Opto product and I think he said "AWESOME". I'm not saying...
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    GPS sattelites

    is it also illegal to laser GPS? i know they can be seen un aided...wonder if you could see your laser spot with a telescope? seems like it would spread too much.
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    RPL300 cap mod

    the adjustable tailcap on the RPL is the better choice as the keyed cap is always full blast...but it's a pain in use because ya gotta hit this little hole with some kinda little screwdriver then get the little screwdriver lined up with it's slot-a hassel. so i fabbed a little screwdriver from a...
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    RPL 300

    I AM STUNNED! i just got it today and now my Aries 100can rest. i'm not braggin, but pseudo gave me a killer deal.AND the guy has style. remember when you got your first laser with enough power to burn stuff? remember you had to go to the store to find black balloons and matches? when i opened...
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    Laserglow is the best

    MY Aries 100 had some sort of problem- it wasn't outputting near what it should. So i called, spoke w/ Justin,sent it back, and EXACTLY 2 weeks later i have a BRAND NEW one w/ no questions at all! If that isn't customer service and company integrity then i don't know what is! I bet you can buy a...
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    UV questions

    IR is fun. does anyone know what a UV laser might be used for? will they burn? what power level would it take to burn? how would it's performance compare to green...IR?
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    Green to IR

    took out the crystals from my 20mw newwish and now it's a real cool invisible laser...ya just need nite vision 2 play w/ it.
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    near IR pointer

    once upon a time i bought a GLP that was billed as <20mw...they said 20. well i bought it w/ a pot mod in mind anyhow, no luck w/ that, then bought 100mw- life was good. last night i took it's little crystals out and now it's the coolest IR pointer i ever saw...you just need nite vision to play...
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    just sharing a bit. a while back Senkat and myself were communicating about safety concerns and he mentioned 2 me about an IR detector card from Ratshak, had one myself 4 ages BUT check this out! last week i took apart a dvd burner for the diode...musta missed the red one but got the IR diode...
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    blue homemade

    X-Boxes have blue lasers inside...anybody know how much power output? i'm gettin one donated towards my educet..ati..eat...i mean learnin. will it cut? slash? burn? can i rock?can i roll?
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    Final Eposide

    in the continuing saga of "i'm pissed" WOW! yesterday the guy in the brown truck came to my job w/ a package from Canada 4 me. Laserglow sent my new laser FAST! everybody remember? it was only last week i was pissed because i missed the sale, right? well Justin said they would honor the sale...
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    no longer pissed!

    i'm sure you all want to know what happened, so here it is. boss said it was OK to use his phone, made the call, spoke w/ Justin. at first he said the sale was over, but he caved in when i pointed out my first e-mail was under the line. they only have 2 left, but next week when new shipment...
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    i'm pissed!

    i can't believe it. i haven't spoken w/ laserglow on the phone , but was gonna order an Aries 100mw about 5 min. ago. so i go to their site and guess what. no more sale! i have the 389 they wanted...but NOW it's 489! story of my wife, i mean life.damn, damn,double damn!!! oh well maybe i'll...
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    burning question

    recently i saw a video(on this forum i think) somebody made in their house where the owner of a Siklaser (120mw red maybe?) was lighting a match. it looked to me like he reflected his red beam off one full length mirror to another then lit the match. the mirrors were not optics or anything...
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    Re:  Page for fun

    Re:  Page for fun uh...what is this?