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    WTS: 12x 500mw Blu-Ray

    Hey, decided to go a different route. Pricing this to sell quick, $140 Shipped to your door (US Only). Includes everything seen in the pictures. 6x Rechargeable CR123s, one spacer, charger, goggles, and the greenie host. EDIT: Green Host sold! Rest can be had for 115! As seen in this...
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    Laser Lands 200mW Green Top Laser 301

    Well, i havent wrote many reviews, and, my camera is MIA, so, ill try to make this as detailed as possible, and, as soon as i get my camera, ill take as many pictures as ya'lls little hearts could disire. Please forgive my spelling errors :whistle: i dont like english class :p Laser: Burning...
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    Hey, anyone else here play airsoft? Pro or just for fun, post your load out!
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    Wtb: 18650

    Hey, im looking to buy a few 18650s, 2-3, plus a charger, anyone in the US have some taht they could sell for a decent price?
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    Need some Help

    If some one can take some close up pics of a rckstr drive it would be nice, im drawing a driver in art and i need a picture. This is the big art project from before, need it ASAP, a Flex V4 would work too.
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    WTS: Brand new Kenometer

    I really need to sell this to pay for some of my expenses, i would like $250 shipped, in U.S., as thats what i paid, i havent even got the darn thing, its that new! I might lower the price a little but this would help me a lot!  :)
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    Funny Vid about Halo 3

    This is from the bonus sound track, to all the Halo fans, enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2lDYcO20Wo POST 666 OMFG
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    Compiled Group Buys

    This is where ill be looking now, instead of 3 different pages. This will be for the 808nm diodes, green modules, and lead light hosts, i will not be doing complete lasers any more to avoid any legal entanglements, im sure you all understand. Prices 808nm Diodes Aixiz Sized 200mw = $5.5 ea...
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    Bad News

    It seems the FDA is really cracking the whip, they are looking through my posts and i have recived a warning. All my GBs that would be considered "illegal" are stopping. Sorry to everyone who wanted to be a part, i just hope this doesnt escalate further. It could literally ruin my life if it did.
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    Message to All who wants to be in my GB's

    Restarting all of my GBs PM me the orders! Scopeguy, if your reading this, can you tell us how well, if at all, those hosts fit? everyones will come with switches, could you make use of them at all? Wave 2 will mostly be for Diodes, Modules, and hosts. I REALLY dont want to ship internationally...
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    Selling 650 & 405nm goggles!

    Selling some DL 650 nm goggles, they work with 405nm too. Asking 25 Shipped! Using Priority 2-3 shipping, will be able to ship in 2-3 days so you will get them in around a week! Including a tracking #! Costs same as DL but without there shipping, so more or less 20 + 5 for shipping ;)
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    Whats more realistic?

    Hey whats your opinion? I got for airsoft, i love it, milsims (military simulations) are the BEST! The guns are WAY more realistic and a lot more diverse! We wear BDUs and Ghilley suits, the competition paintballers wear bright colors, easy to see in the fields and woods. Airsofts a lot cheaper...
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    A sad day....

    Well, i took a look at my bank account and turns out im overdrawn from shipping and stuff, due to some extra costs from the GB and some personal purchases, my parents saw that and are deleting my PP account, so i can not do any more GBs until my finances balance out. Sorry to everyone, i will...
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    this is a mesage to any one who i shipped a laser to this weekend, check your package for a pair of small keys, they go to someones laser and i may have packged them in the wrong place, Contact me if you find them! Day 8-)
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    FS : 2 lasers 100 takes both

    FS : 2 lasers 100 takes both Same as before, Red and BR matching pair are 110 ea or 190 shipped for both. Labby BR is 40, and teenie is 35. All these prices include shipping. Ill still take all for 250. THE BR LABBY AND RED at 250 mw are still up for sale! ill take 100 for them both shipped...
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    Auction 4-lasers! Closed- Turning into Sell thread

    Bid starts at 190. 4- lasers include 1-250mw red 1- teenie burner 1- 100 mwBlu-labby style laser with nice heatsink and rckstar driver. 1-100 mw Blu-ray laser, matching host with red. Shipping is included, pm with offers for Buy It now. Pics come soon All of this cost a little over 300 new...
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    Help with art progect!

    I need to make a light that pretty bright and then put it through a prism to get all the colors for a very intricate art progject im doing. So i need help finding: LED light sources Batteries Drivers Prisim and anything else you suggest i might need.
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    2- Group Buys

    One for Lead Light cases and one for green modules for your individual needs. Prices will be put lower. shipping for Lead light cases will be 10 for first one 2 for each more. Shipping is so high to include paypal fees and both shipping fees. Modules will be same shipping.
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    Low Cost ( I think) 808nm IR diodes

    Well, feeler for 808nm High Power IR diodes. Aizix Sized 200mw = $4.5ea 300mw = $8ea C-mount / TO5 package. 500mw = $14.8ea 1W = $22.5ea 2W = $59ea 3W = $85.9ea 5W = $295ea Not taking orders for awhile, looking for interest
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    Pros and cons of  YaBB and vBulletin

    Yabb Pros: Simple, Organized Cons: Not as many features as we would like, Can get glitchy, flat file system vBulletin Pros: Friend system, contact, community groups, cool rep system, database based Cons: Overly complex, tiny words(probaly can be fixed) Any one got anything to add to the list?