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  1. moninosis

    Hello from northern california :)

    If you're interested I have a 50mw green in the BST section, if you want it I can drive it over to sunnyvale today :) It's waterproof..
  2. moninosis

    Hello from northern california :)

    NorCal right here. Nice to see some more of you. Welcome!
  3. moninosis

    FS: 50mW 532nm green waterproof laser $80 obo

    It pains me to sell this since I won it in the raffle, but I'm short on cash and I need to pay for books and tuition pretty soon. It's my hope that it will go to a worthy LPF member, hopefully one that could give it a nice review. :beer: The charger won't be included since I really need one at...
  4. moninosis

    And you thought KipKay was bad!

    Not a PHR straight to the eyes.. I'd take my chances. That KTP would be so bright though, I don't even know how the guy kept his eyes open, lol.
  5. moninosis

    And you thought KipKay was bad!

    Oh that wasn't as bad as kipkays laser lighter. Atleast the guy in this video lit it from the side, instead of pointing it directly at the eyes, haha.
  6. moninosis

    Merry christmas !!

    Merry Christmas LPF!!! and happy holidays.
  7. moninosis

    Laser show flashlight

    I just googled "literally" and this was on the first page:wtf: OBAMA IS LITERALLY HITLER
  8. moninosis

    Laser show flashlight

    Maybe he just has the same soldering iron I have. It literally cost $1.00... New.
  9. moninosis

    Possible sources for LD's or just junk?

    Somethings only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. So, logic dictates that ossumguywill bought it for $500,000,000
  10. moninosis

    Laser show flashlight

    LMAO the kit is $80!! Laser show flashlight
  11. moninosis

    A few items for sale

    He's not selling a 125mw green, I think you mean bluray;) and yeah it should definitely be enough to light a fuse (maybe not instantly) as long as you focus it correctly and keep your hand steady, better yet, use a tripod. Good luck.
  12. moninosis

    My Experiences with Mohrenberg

    I'm never disappointed with Mohrenberg, and he's always willing to help.
  13. moninosis

    How do you pronounce "solder"

    "saw-durr" - northern califronia. I think norcal, oregon and washington are like the coolest states (and semistate) ever. If you wanna live on the best coast, you better try and move to the west coast.
  14. moninosis

    First cheap green pointer

    I got my <5 green off ebay. I typed in "green laser" organized by lowest price+shipping first, and hit the buy it now tab. Cheapest green laser on ebay cost me only $6 and I'm almost positive it is >5 on fresh batterys. I was surprised by how sturdy it is! Typical chinese laser pen style host...
  15. moninosis

    Hurry,hurry, 1W green diode on eBay

    but what the hell, he says it emits green light, I sent him another message, just clarifying that this SINGLE diode by ITSELF produces green light? That's what he claims.
  16. moninosis

    Hurry,hurry, 1W green diode on eBay

    Seller- "My bad it is a pump and it emits green light. I got it from mitsubisi during an overstock sale where I bought a lot of different diodes and pumps" ...:thinking:so uh.. idk I still think it's an 808...
  17. moninosis

    Hurry,hurry, 1W green diode on eBay

    I also sent them a message. Hopefully we'll see what kind of information they have on it and make an assessment. My guess is it's an IR diode.
  18. moninosis

    Free day at sparkfun

    Thanks for the clarification. I know they aren't exactly the same, "SMD version" was a poor choice of words. The point I meant to get across is that they're basically the same. More voltage for the rest of us!:san:
  19. moninosis

    taking laser on plane - different situation this time

    I'm in no way familiar with all the different regulations, but this is what i would do if I were you. Take out the batteries, put them in some sort of case. They're batteries, so in the off chance you get stopped for having li-ion batteries (do they say li-ion on them?) just play dumb, I doubt...
  20. moninosis

    Free day at sparkfun

    SparkFun Electronics - Voltage Regulator - Adjustable LM317, for our laser driving needs :) SparkFun Electronics - Voltage Regulator - Adjustable LM1117 SMD LM1117, an SMD version of the 317. :) I'm picking up a bunch of different components so I'll be stocked up for a while.:D