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  1. Experimentonomen

    My new HeNe

    Last week i bought a HeNe laser on ebay for 49 bucks + 9 bucks shipping. Today it arrived and i was quick to unpack it and hook it up to my diy psu and start tinkering. Here are a few pics: Someone have put epoxy on the beam shutter lever :( The psu: And heres the final treat, a...
  2. Experimentonomen

    FS: Norm Framestreamer Express 2 ilda dac

    Turns out it´ll still be a couple of years before i´ll be able to build that projector so i´ve decided that i value a laser power meter more than having a dac laying around to no good. I bought it from norm on ebay for $199US + shipping. My sale price is therefore $189 + shipping. Shipping to...
  3. Experimentonomen

    FS: small HeNe psu, 12V in for <5mW tube

    Anyone in need of a psu for a HeNe tube less than 5mW ? I have one with 12VDC input that came with a 1.25mW. Heres a picture: Price: i dunno what its worth but i doubt anyone would be willing to pay more than 15 bucks including shipping. I´d had liked a trade for one of thses: New 200mW...
  4. Experimentonomen

    Experimentonomen´s first argon

    Today my argon from timelablasers arrived: After removing a rainforest worth os newpaper this is revealed: Filament hookups: Peering down the OC: The HR: The buildup of a psu and ignitor can now begin.:D:D
  5. Experimentonomen

    IShow vs FrameStreamer Express

    Anyone have any comments about the ishow ilda usb dac and the framestreamer express ilda usb dac ? The FrameStreamer Express is only a few bucks more expensive than the ishow but is compatible with multiple softwares such as spaghetti but i dunno anything about the quality of the dac as there...
  6. Experimentonomen

    Dont drop your HeNe tube

    Here is a HeNe tube that had the unfortunate demise of falling off a table. By hitting the tube against the table i was able to get the bore somewhat back in place: Now if there just was a way to weld the bore back in place.
  7. Experimentonomen

    Hello from Sweden

    Hello! Im 24 years old from sweden, since i was around 12-15 years old i´ve been intestested in lasers. It all began one day when i was browsing the internet and stumbled across sam´s laser faq and a site describing various types of lasers such as hene, diode, dye, nitrogen, co2, argon ion and...