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  1. moninosis

    FS: 50mW 532nm green waterproof laser $80 obo

    It pains me to sell this since I won it in the raffle, but I'm short on cash and I need to pay for books and tuition pretty soon. It's my hope that it will go to a worthy LPF member, hopefully one that could give it a nice review. :beer: The charger won't be included since I really need one at...
  2. moninosis

    Anti-Laser Antibiotics!

    I've been taking this medication and I just noticed earlier today, one of the warning labels says: "You should AVOID prolonged or excessive exposure to direct and/or artificial SUNLIGHT while taking this medication" Second from the top label: I have been known to stare at the dot..:whistle...
  3. moninosis

    Metallica lasers and pyrotechnics!

    Alright so last night (the 8th) I went to see metallica in sacramento. I stood in the same spot for 7 hours to see them from 5 feet away:D:D:D I could go on forever about how epic it was.. so I'll stop here. I've seen better laser shows, but only on video, live this is probably the best I've...
  4. moninosis

    Nigerian scam artist (REALLY??)

    Alright well I'm sure we've all received the emails, this one was a little different though. In my experience, they have always tried to pay with a money order (fake of course) they overpay you etc etc have you send it back, whatever. This guy said he was paypal verified and would send me...
  5. moninosis

    Why can't I use the o-like CC TTL driver with a bluray?

    I've read that I can't use them with a bluray diode, and even asked susie to make sure. I'm a little confused, if it outputs the right current and voltage for a bluray, why won't it work? (read about this after I ordered 2, they're so cheap!) Here's the link: 2pcs CC power supply driver£*>Laser...
  6. moninosis

    Protestors use lasers against police.

    It's year old news, but I just found it. I'm telling you multiple watt laser rifles are the future. I don't think that riot mask blocks 532nm :umbrella: I think the umbrella does tho. Muslim Youths Attack Greek Police With Laser Pointers (Islamists trying to overthrow Greece) Greek rioters...
  7. moninosis

    18 inch copper flashlight

    I don't know what the reserve price is, but that would make one mighty fine laser. It's all copper and huge, real old school design, I like it. Large Copper Flashlight - eBay (item 190350772594 end time Nov-23-09 16:34:33 PST)