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    Anyone heard How Senkat's (Greg's) surgery went?

    Re: Anyone heard How Senkat's (Greg's) surgery wen hey i'm glad to hear you're ok Greg, i hope you'll be burning stuff again in no time.
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    Real Phaser

    I'll be 23 tomorrow, should i quit the hobby? ;)
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    LOOK what i found!

    I don't get it, why is a microphone in there? Isn't that just a regular plasma ball?
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    new dx lasers

    I came to post those, well only the 20mW one, it looks pretty cool and the price is really tempting.
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    Thanks things and styropyro ^^ TheMonk there is a post regarding that laser in the greenies section.
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    red and green wl lasershade interest. CALLED OFF

    Re: red and green wl lasershades interest gauge I would be interested in a red pair if they reach Argentina ^^
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    Can you explain a little about the affiliate numbers? I already know about dx points, but since I'll be (hopefully) buying more stuff from DX, this could be useful.
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    how do I install the diode in the aixiz module ?

    Re: how do I install the diode in the aixiz module Ok, thanks for the tip, I'll buy a small metal one. But sometimes it's difficult to get some things over here (Argentina), so I try to use what I can get :P
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    Dim DX True 30mw

    I was thinking on buying a true DX 30 myself, but until now I only have read good comments about it. If my DX shipment passes my country costumes without any issues I'll be surely ordering one and find out myself.
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    how do I install the diode in the aixiz module ?

    Re: how do I install the diode in the aixiz module Hey, great post, this will be really helpful when the time comes. How much strength do you say it would be needed for this, cause I'm thinking on buying a small plastic vise that could do the job and it's nice for electronics.
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    Red DIY DVD laser burner.

    Mmm, I have an Aixiz module and it has a lense you can focus, have you tried that?
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    Important note about Laser diodes

    Hey, I really LOVE that plastic cube :P When Daedal finishes off his new 3v circuit I'll check out the diode, but I don't think it will have any flaw. Thanks for everything Senkat.
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    A simple way to make circuit diagrams!

    It is a software that allows you to build an electronic circuit and simulate it, just drag and dropping the components and joining them as you like. The last time I used it it was already really helpful and complete. I cannot say how is it working now or the latest versions, but it was a really...
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    A simple way to make circuit diagrams!

    Does someone uses Electronics Workbench or such to test circuits?
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    Group Buy # 3 For Sony 16X DVD Burner Didoes

    Paypal sent for 1 diode. How will you send it, in an envelope? It's gonna be a real pain in the ass to find a good flashlight model here in Argentina,,,
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    DIY MiniMag Mod Guide

    Will the GB 16x diodes work with a minimag? I mean, with the driver and all, but just using the minimag instead of the flashlight you used for the latter torch.
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    NEW Group buy for Sony 16X dvd burner diodes...

    Re: NEW Group buy for Sony 16X dvd burner diodes.. Hi, a quick question, could these be shipped to Argentina? Thanks =)