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  1. device 10-1

    device 10-1

    DIY Raman Microscope, 532nm, ucube, 3D-print, Biolam Lomo 1
  2. device 10.2

    device 10.2

    DIY Raman Microscope, 532nm, ucube, 3D-print, Biolam Lomo 2
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    Hello,I'm lagging behind the logging something, actually I'm already really further in this project, I do not know, but I do not want to post that often, because otherwise it hails again "double post" ..... also in PM ... So what should I do here ...? Should i rather shut up or post more with...
  4. device 4

    device 4

    Raman test device 4, binoco with beamsplitter prism set and longpassfiler
  5. device 2

    device 2

    DIY test Raman assembly
  6. C


    Hello, to the question of whether an IR filter is not, for safety, recommended or absolutely necessary needed, you have to know the design of the device construction (there are different construction solutions with different optical paths), consider the quality of the laser and also the Raman...
  7. device 0-1

    device 0-1

    B&W TEK Raman device with BTC110, Ebay
  8. device 0-2

    device 0-2

    B&W TEK Raman device with BTC110 sideview
  9. device 0-3

    device 0-3

    B&W TEK Raman device with BTC110 , 6x
  10. device 1.jpg

    device 1.jpg

    trial construction with DPSS laser and stereo microscope
  11. C


    That is a good question Paul, i will test out the difference. I think it depends on the quality of the used laser.
  12. C


    Hello everybody, so that the time is not too long, here is still a small intermediate. On one side the laser beam has to go in, depending on the quality of this one, I have installed an IR filter in this side wall, which is simply held with a printed clamp ring. The filter used in this case has...
  13. C

    Orange 607nm 170mW kvant Labby

    I would say it is fibrous gypsum ... ? Thanks for the pics ---- !
  14. C

    November Collection

    WOW WOW WOW ... thanks a lot for your work for us .... i love such pics ....
  15. C


    Hello, next here is the description of the side wall with microscope objetiv, this time with a little less words .... The objective 40/0.65 is quite simple, I bought it on ebay for less 10.00 Eur. I printed this side wall directly with the RMS thread W 0.8 "× 1/36", at first I was unsure...
  16. C

    M140 Diode

    so it is .....
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    Manufacturer statement regarding decanned diodes

    lol, .... it would not be easy to use this device without unpacking it ...
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    Argon Ion Laser (Worth the Gamble?)

    My main flat fuse ..... 16 A main power supply ... one of them in my house
  19. C

    Argon Ion Laser (Worth the Gamble?)

    Hi, it seem so as you have the same as mine ..... but my fuses at home do not like the device .... maybe it is caused of the step-up converter to 220V i have to use .... I have to look to convert the psu .....?