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  1. hakzaw1

    cell fone Q

    thanks for the advice..
  2. hakzaw1

    cell fone Q

    My new and supposedly better flip fone has a hard time getting a signal inside my house.. Does that mean that incoming calls will be delayed or have a prob.. worst part-- my new one is MIA in my house and I cannot call it to help me find!!! my whole reason for the cell is to be reachable while...
  3. hakzaw1

    SOLD: Ophir 4w LPM.

    Great to hear from you Borg. and NO this is not a necro.. (this time) I can vouche for Borg.. he would make a great 'returning member' but, sadly that is not the case. He was an active member w/ excellent rep. He is always welcome here. He still lives in the Netherlands. hope that is not a...
  4. hakzaw1

    Laser power

    WELCOME newcomer. always nice to read a swelll introduction like yours.. we appreciate the respect you have shown us. thanks for the heads up--we just trusted ALL the china sellers== now we know!! whew!! you forgot your spoon btw. ALSO keep ignoring our 'rules' about double posting... you...
  5. hakzaw1

    Help finding Long Distance Laser

    weather balloon-camera(gsp) duct tape..pic of 'round' earth...but I guess they could argue that the Earth is round AND flat -like a Frisbee.. http://www.thaisrussomano.com/blog/what-can-you-do-with-a-balloon-camera-and-lots-of-duct-tape pics there ^^^^^^
  6. hakzaw1

    Help finding Long Distance Laser

    Hey Jack- No offence intended ..BUT did/do you considier yourself to be a LPF 'newcomer;' or (LOL) you a returning 'banned' member? haha JK BUT we actually like hearing a bit more from firsttimers & that is, frankly, good forum manners (btw) AND we ,in some cases cannot answer some Qs if...
  7. hakzaw1

    Just had to share this

    I am still just learning much about paint.. making those changes forced me to learn a bit more--really like what some members do ..like RC. I know its not brain science or rocket surgery ... but .. ATM I need help adding the attached to the bottom of my sig (Comp. of AixiZ btw)...AND feel...
  8. hakzaw1

    Just had to share this

    cOPY ONE REPLY..THEN DELE IT THEN EDIT/PASTE THE other post shazamm! found another version of your cartoon
  9. hakzaw1

    Urgently need battery choice help

    I got $20 worth of 'efest'-- 100% sure not fakes.. worked better than every other brand I have gotten (16340iirc) if that was long ago.. they may have improved things..... one would hope so OR they be out of BIZ. and they do ship to Canada..
  10. hakzaw1

    Urgently need battery choice help

    BUMPED UPDATE to urgent request quote UPS Standard: Ground service to Canada and Mexico. Customers are responsible for all duties, taxes and fees. Please see below. I liked what I got from them... https://www.batteryjunction.com/shipping-info.html You can do a search on their rep..
  11. hakzaw1

    mounting Dichro lens help

    Did anyone mention 'SUPER GLUE' NEVER use it around optics/glass etc. Epoxy can be unforgiving.. E-3000 stays a tad soft.. good for any 'undo' ing. but NO SUPERGLUE.. btw PINK??? c/'mon-- 'girly man' color.... jkidding. we all see colors a bit different from each other. I am building...
  12. hakzaw1

    New member, Long time lurker from LA California

    @ paul- I same thing I said.. Once I got one and tested it..& saw the shade of blue.. stable-- fan cooled. ~80mW untouched.. (tempting) today the fifth one arrived... cannot beat that price. some will be used for 'R+B = 'Magenta' and some for G+B= 'teal' these 488 drivers have a spot for a...
  13. hakzaw1

    Battery powered labby project

    It's not possible to get this kind info/help/share etc w/o you 'all' and LPF.. awesome thread!!! MOAR WE WANT MOAR!!! hk w/ thanks!!!
  14. hakzaw1

    Anyone recognize this beam expander or it's lens coating ?

    Good find RC
  15. hakzaw1

    New member, Long time lurker from LA California

    The VR is 'olde school' short for 'very respectful' I thought it fitting in this situation.. you have a lot of class... I think we should go ahead and give him a key to the VIP toilet and the secret handshake too. We don't always know the best place to buy everything but we SURE know where NOT...
  16. hakzaw1

    New member, Long time lurker from LA California

    welcome- Ignore my suggestion made in error @ your page (DUH!) .. Your intro was great.. always good to see new members like yourself joining us.. I think we could use your help.. Lots of great and exciting projects are on-going here and more getting involved in any degree is a win win...
  17. hakzaw1

    welcome Seems like lately ..lots of new members { and an 'army' of vets) on the west coast...

    welcome Seems like lately ..lots of new members { and an 'army' of vets) on the west coast.. big advantage if you meet them. & that happens easier if Ca. was in the title of your intro. If nothing else you can get your LPM calibrated or use one from a member to meter your collection. Some of...
  18. hakzaw1

    New green pointer laser noob

    to find out if your 532 green laser has an IR filter++ Shine it thru your green laser eye protection use a place FAR away from the center of your glasses.. Look at the dot with and without and if there is still a lot of beam going tru most of that will likely be a mix of 532 (that passed) and...
  19. hakzaw1

    New to lasers - few questions

    I agree BUT think about the dog's sanity too.. just how does one ACTUALLY know the dog enjoys this?? Think about it..-- no matter how hard your pet tries..they NEVER 'catch' the dot..(wow that sounds fun). and for a few the dot becomes a BAD addiction that causes them to always be looking...