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    Focus help! (ofc XD)

    So Today I got my 2nd nubm08 diode. And this one actually had a decent focus. But not good enough. I want it the be a dot from far away (as close a possible at least). And like you can se on the photo it’s not a dot. It’s like the same length as my fingers. So question is. How do I get this...
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    Ebay laser diode driver good enough?

    So im sitting here waiting for my laser diode driver board i bought from ebay a couple of days ago. I am going to connect it to the NUBM06 4W But as im browsing around the internet theres some people that say this driver isnt good enough? That it isnt really a driver? So i need some help...
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    Nichia 4W laser help :) (Newbie)

    Yo what’s up guys! 🤘 New to the forum and starting experimenting with lasers now 🤪 I need a bit of advice. I ordered the Nichia NUBM06 Laser Diode - 4W+ - 445nm on eBay, extracted from an array. It can take a maximum of 4A, and also bought a 5A (MAX) 12v power supply step down circuit. But...