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  1. ThetaSigma

    Laser Pointer Store Help.

    Hello, I'm just going to cut right to the chase, no fancy introduction. I need some help. I recently purchased the THOR Ultra laser pointer from laserpointerstore it arrived within 2 weeks and the package was not damaged when it arrived. It arrived on Thursday April 4th. And I've had it since...
  2. ThetaSigma

    Laser Glove

    So, I recently saw a product that was designed like an Iron-Man glove but with a twist. It included a 700mw 445nm laser inside it, as well as a 300mw red laser. While that's a good output and the quality seemed good, I'm looking for a more slim glove that I can integrate a powerful diode into...
  3. ThetaSigma

    Odin Lasers: Quality.

    Hello, I recently joined LPF, and this is my first post, I have read the rules and recommendations, the do's and don'ts, etc, I have had quite a few lasers and know a good bit about how they work, wavelengths, power, the good stuff. I stumbled upon LPF while doing research on a new laser I may...