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    dc power supply question

    dc power supply question Hello. I have been trying to make my green 5mW DX lasermodule to work by outern power source so I wouldn´t need batteries. I have this regulated dc power supply 2000mAh. I broked one module because something heated up very fast in its driver while power supply was in...
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    how to measure mA with this multimeter?

    i saw same kind of question with a photo few pages back, but this meter has a slight difference to that other i think. so i want to be sure how to measure mA with this. should i put black to the COM, red to the red circle place ofcourse. turn the pot to Vac 200? thanks tomi
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    5mW green + red + bluray

    maybe many, many times asked question. i have a 5mW new wish green. if i want to make yellow, i need 20mW red. is that correct? then if i add a 10mW bluray, do i get "whiteish"? am i at least near right?   i like to stay in quite low power range.. and where do i get 20mW red because all i see...
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    5mw bluray diy?

    Hello everyone! Questions from a new member: Can I make a 5mw bluray pointer or is it always like 10mw and more? I´m not interested burning stuff, I just want to make quite "safe" laser for a first diy project and use it indoors to make little effects. Will it work if I buy a ps3 kes-400 from...