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  1. igottapee

    "True 5mW" Green Laser Pointer from DX

    so this laser will NOT get confiscated by US customs? What if they actually opened the package and put the batteries in and tested it? I live in Hawaii....I heard customs here in Hawaii is strict.....Im really paranoid after I got my first laser confiscated.
  2. igottapee

    DealExtreme doesn't ship US?

    Imma noob and I was looking to buy the DX "true" 5mW green laser, will it get confiscated by customs? Is it FDA approved?
  3. igottapee

    Im new to lasers......have any tips or recommendations?

    Hello I am new to lasers... okay so I only have 2 cheapy red 5mW lasers I bought a $15 green 50mW (2 AA batteries) from Focal Price a week ago and Im waiting for it to come...it should be any day now. I have been watching a lot of videos on YouTube on different lasers and stuff. So do you guys...