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  1. Cyparagon

    Why a laser beam suddenly stops. (revisited)

    Well, since you're at the "exact spot", I'm gonna need you to stick your hand in this magical anomalous black hole for me and video the results.
  2. Cyparagon

    Calling all FAPpers - FAP800 - precautions and driving advice

    Like all other manufacturer recommendations, the maximum operating temp is just the maximum suggested. Beyond that point, the manufacturer doesn't guarantee operation. It may work fine with minimal degradation in lifespan, or it may pop at 42 degrees. It's a risk you're welcome to take if you...
  3. Cyparagon

    How do you test your laser drivers?

    Electronic loads sometimes do not play well with switchmode supplies. Oscillations may amplify each other. This problem may worsen in the constant-voltage mode required of the load. Constant-resistance mode might be ideal to mitigate this, but the IV curves of resistors and laser diodes are...
  4. Cyparagon

    Custom power supply for DPSS head - Looking for advice

    375 watts in; 1.3W out? For DPSS green? Are you sure? I thought Melles Griot made good lasers. I mean, decent optical conversion is ~20%, and the pump is ~50%, so the pump shouldn't need a lot more than 13 watts. Even if the driver is dumping the extra 3V in linear mode, that's maybe 33 watts...
  5. Cyparagon

    Best laser equipment for marking bases in an outdoor game?

    Personally, I consider most "sky pointing" okay, provided it is for short durations, and provided the device is supervised at all time. This does not appear to be the application you have in mind. Legality aside, you're going to attract attention from outsiders. Sooner or later, you will...
  6. Cyparagon

    Laser pointer for use on LCD/LED TV surface?

    I'm aware this thread is a bit old, but it may be relevant to any one else searching. Screens are specifically designed to do this. If they reflect the incoming light, they have intense mirror-like glare image of the room that you may recall being more common from CRT TVs. If they were to...
  7. Cyparagon

    Why a laser beam suddenly stops. (revisited)

    I'm sorry, are you some sort of flat-earther? Someone that flunked trig in high school? A conspiracy theorists? What exactly do you think you've disproven and how? Here's a thought experiment that might help you understand this rather simple concept. Imagine for a moment that the earth was...
  8. Cyparagon

    High Voltage Project!

    So you're dumping a charged cap into the primary of some ignition coil, I take it. Simple enough. Why does such a simple concept need that rats nest underneath? There is no way this is 150kV. Maybe half that on a good strike. On top of this, It looks like you have flashover which is slowly...
  9. Cyparagon

    Focus help! (ofc XD)

    They're typically cylindrical objects. Which end is the TOP? And when did we agree on it? This is like telling someone to eat a hot dog backwards.
  10. Cyparagon

    Focus help! (ofc XD)

    This is so abjectly stupid I don't really know how to begin... Do you not understand lasers can be rotated? No, surely you know that. Do you not understand that the word FAST and VERTICAL have nothing in common? No, surely you know that. Do you not understand what an axis is? What can you...
  11. Cyparagon

    Should i use magnets on flat tops?

    Solder a nipple to it. Always works for me. Easy, cheap, fast, sturdy, and far lower resistance than a steel button top or the thin film of nickel on a magnet. A magnet, despite being inferior in every measure for this application, will still work fine.
  12. Cyparagon

    Nichia 4W laser help :) (Newbie)

    Read the driver specifications from the place you purchased the driver from. You can read the driver specifications just as well as any of us.
  13. Cyparagon

    Request EE advice, please

    17kV on 100MΩ is 3 watts. Are you sure you want to burn 3W of power running a meter? Yes, that will discharge the device rather quickly.
  14. Cyparagon

    Acebeam W30 flashlight/Sanwu Striker 7w blue laser: warning!

    The highest light output you could ever get from 250mW (assuming 100% conversion efficiency to 555nm light) is 170 lumens by definition. Since this is a 500 lumen device, you've misplaced a decimal.
  15. Cyparagon

    Request EE advice, please

    Most of the "self-charging" you're seeing is just dielectric absorption. The electrons embed themselves in the insulator to an extent. Even when the device is shorted momentarily to dissipate the charge, the electrons will eventually find their way out of the insulator and back on the plates.
  16. Cyparagon

    There's a Yeti in my Spagetti

    What are you building? This is a pretty crazy lookin' paragraph without context.
  17. Cyparagon

    Suggestion to troll baters.... Get a life.

    "You're not going to get a response out of me!" he insists, in his thread made as a specific response.
  18. Cyparagon

    Use of beam expanders

    We can help you a lot better if you actually tell us what you're trying to do rather than give an ambiguous specification with no background.
  19. Cyparagon

    Need help with Green Laser Line creator

    I'm not gonna pretend to be a bowling pro... but I thought many of the best paths are curved? Even those that aren't intended to be, often are. Perhaps a line is not an ideal option. Why not "draw" the line yourself with a standard pointer? Keep it simple.