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    *** WTT: Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, JTAG Xbox 360 Slim ***

    Like the title says I have a brand new in box still in plastic bag "7 Kindle Fire HDX 16gb. This is the one you see on TV Advertised as the iPad Killer, it's really pretty awesome. I have one that I use quiet often, actually posting this thread with it. I love the apps/games this bad boy...
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    Hey, my wive to be are looking into buying a Jeep. The dealer says that she can get approved with her credit alone, but if she were to have a co-signer that it would be better, as in a lower interest rate. Now my credit isn't the greatest, I have a lot out right now, I needed to buy a big snap...
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    Make offers pics soon! It's new barley used, still have the original box and paper work with it! with an 8 gb memcard!
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    WANTED: 6x Bluray Module

    What do you have?
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    sold (laptop)

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    JAKE21 Review

    So I got my red burner from jake yesterday, and I must say... I am impressed, it works great burns all kinds of things. It's really a great laser. This is my first review, and I don't know what else to say. I got the laser really quick, it looks good, solder joints are nice, and it works! GOOD...
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    Its G2G *PRICE DROPPED* Sony PSP's, Ipod, Camera's

    THIS STUFF HAS TO GO, NEED MONEY!!!!!!!!!!! Paypal: mel@br-performance.net Here's a different kind of thread then you are used to seeing! I hope it all sells, I need this stuff gone ASAP! Here is the details: 1) *NEW* Slim PSP (black) - Opened it and played less than one hr. will ship...
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    **PRICE DROPPED** 275mw Red Burner PLEASE BUY!!

    PRICE REDUCED, THIS HAS TO GO.. PLEASE HELP ME OUT GUYS!!! Yeah, I have a nice little burner for sale. It is housed in a dorcy host. along with an axis module. It is focusable to a pin point. I'd like $120 100 shipped Very nice laser here. Paypal: mel@br-performance.net
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    WTB: 300mw greenie.

    Looking for a nice green laser, the more powerful the better.. Please post up what you got, or what you can make me. Cash in hand. Paypal ready. Let me know! Thanks
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    Looking for PARTS...

    I am in need of: Host Matching heatsink Module Flexdrive and anything else to my Open can laser work. Please post what you have, cash in hand!
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    Wanted: Driver, Module ECT...

    Hey, I am building my first laser. It is an Open Can Red Diode, that I got out of a DVD Burner. Ill I have it a Diode and a Flashlight Id like to put it in. I need everything else.. Please post what you have, along with prices. Thanks!
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    Quick Help Please DVDRW LASER

    Hey guys, sorry if this is in the wrong area but... I started to take apart my old DVD-RW Drive and I am STUCK! I took some pictures of where I am at, but I don't know which part I need to disassemble for the laser diode, or how to disassemble it. Does my DVD-RW Drive have 2 different lasers in...
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    Want to buy my first laser.

    Hey guys, I would like to buy a pretty nice laser as my first one. I want either a green or a blueray, where is a good relable place to get one? I want say a 50 - 100mw laser, would anyone here be interested in building me a cheap green laser?