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  1. Hap

    All Sold!

    Selling both @ $35USD, plus $7.15 in postage. PayPal only please! PM me if interested. :yh: Thanks! -Alex
  2. Hap

    CNI Releases 612nm DPSS Laser!

    Here we go guys: 612 nm Red Laser, DPSS Laser, Red Laser | CNIlaser -Alex
  3. Hap

    CNI releases 689nm DPSS

    Keepin' you all up to date with CNI :D http://www.cnilaser.com/PDF/MRL-SF-689.pdf -Alex
  4. Hap

    $140 GLP-473 2mW(sold)

    Hello folks, I've updated the sale with my remaining lasers, mostly due help pay the bills and other things. I hope these find a good home :yh: Payment via PayPal please! Shipping is done via USPS Priority Mail. The $7.15 shipping fee is included in the price! First Laser: 473 CNI GLP 1-2mW...
  5. Hap

    Welcoming RB Astro as new moderator!

    Congratulations RB on your new position! :yh: -Alex
  6. Hap

    Another FREE laser, just pay shipping!

    Just got my laser from LaserFanatics, the "Classic Violet" pointer. FYI, it looks nothing like the picture on the website. It's a typical eBay style pen. Anyway, it was sold as 5-10mW's and I got 51mW's lol. I'll send it to whoever would like it, just like my other 635. Just pay shipping :yh...
  7. Hap

    Carolina Biological Supply laser series, thoughts & review!

    I recently purchased a 405nm laser pointer from the company listed below, located in N.C, USA: Link: https://www.carolina.com/physical-science-light-and-optics/class-iiia-violet-laser-pointer/755428.pr?question=405 Below are simply my thoughts and what I think of the device! At first, when...
  8. Hap

    What is going on?

    Hello everyone, In March of this year, I bought a 473 "5mW" pointer from an eBay seller. They were selling your typical GLP-473. Upon receiving it in March, I got a peak of 6mW's out of it. All good. Fast forward to 2 months ago. While doing a photo shoot of all my lasers, I had all of my...
  9. Hap

    So, what's in those cheap 5mW eBay pens? *pic heavy*

    Hello folks, I bought a higher quality 405 pen, so I decided to take the $4 one I had sitting around and try to dip my toes into opening up lasers and checking out what makes them all works! :) The pictures will be a little large, that way you can clearly see what I was aiming to show...
  10. Hap

    eBay 405 Pen Style Laser 35mW (Not for sale anymore)

    Hello, This time im selling my 405 pen laser from eBay. Buying myself a Sky-Lasers unit to replace it, and my collection should be as good as I need it for now. It outputs 35mW's as measured on my Laserbee LPM. :) It looks just like your typical 405 pen pointer. Keeping it :yh: -Alex
  11. Hap

    CNI can satisfy your 543 DPSS portable needs!

    Spoke to CNI over the weekend. They can do 543 DPSS portable modules if anyone is interested. *Dr. Laser* just a heads up guys! Price for PGL-V-H-543 5mW is $520 :D :) -Alex
  12. Hap

    CNI 473 pointer 1-6mW

    N/A Thanks! -Alex
  13. Hap

    Anyone looking for a free 635nm pointer?(CLAIMED)

    Im going to be sending my 635 pointer to whoever would like it, free of charge. It's the typical eBay pen style ones(as seen below), and outputs surprisingly at 5mW's. My reason for this is the purchase of a more expensive, quality 635 pointer. I will be sending this out on Friday, once my other...
  14. Hap

    Worried 462nm might be "too" blue?

    My original plan was to get myself a 505 and build myself my first laser. I don't currently have the funds to build a 505 so I went looking around for different wavelengths I might also need in the future. I see JetLasers sell their 465 PL-E's and 462 Equality's respectively. I've read some...
  15. Hap

    LASERGLOW: Selling New Pen 405?

    Well, It looks like LaserGlow is offering a new Electra model, the "Electra-2" for $199. Output power is 0.9-1.9mW. I don't think you'd see much of anything at those levels, no? Just a fun find. :) -Alex
  16. Hap

    Life in Antarctica.

    Pretty cool quick 13 min video about the "Halley VI" station in Antarctica for anyone who is interested. Some footage and timelapse included as well. Pretty incredible people can last a whole year and sometimes even longer so far away from everything! On the other hand, it looks peaceful away...
  17. Hap

    My Rigel! Don't forget about 594.

    As promised here are some quick photos of my new Rigel from LaserGlow I just got about 1 hour ago :D Before I start I do need to note a few things, the rest are simply going to be pictures :) (Please Read Below v) Thank you for a few things LaserGlow: Power: I was amazed from the power ratings...
  18. Hap

    Just bought myself a Rigel-2!

    Earlier this morning I went ahead and bought a Rigel-2 for myself :) I was really debating whether to get a 589 pointer or a 594 to finish off my collection, and after reviewing some threads and spending hours on the decision decided to get a 594 :) It should get here tomorrow, I opted for...
  19. Hap

    Build Thread: 505nm module into host

    Hey guys, I need someone on the forums who can take this(which is what I'll be purchasing on DTR's website), the $75 option so the 12nm module w/ boost driver: https://sites.google.com/site/dtrlpf/home/diodes/sharp-505nm-35mw-green-laser-diodes And turn it into a usable pointer for me where...
  20. Hap

    garbage thread

    Hey guys, My final purchase is going to be a 594nm pointer, I've had 2 in the past and would really like another one to finish off my collection. However, I am in a bit of a hole. I could go ahead and spend $399 to buy myself a Rigel-2 from LaserGlow, or I could wait until a sale pops up on...