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  1. loneoceans

    [[ Project 450 ]] - Fully Integrated NUBM44-V2 Laser Driver at 50W

    Hello LPF, Here's a project from end of last year, but I finally had some time to do a short post about it. Thought some folks here may be interested in. I hope this is in the correct forum category! Here's what I'm calling Project 450 - a compact, simple, fully-integrated laser platform. It...
  2. loneoceans

    === 1W 445nm Lm317 Project with Photos! ===

    Hi everyone, I just completed my LM317-driven 1W 445nm project. I would like to thank DTR for the good diodes, and all the help and information in this forum. I've based my driver circuit off a standard Lm317 driver. This project was made to run off 3x CR123A batteries, which can be both Li or...
  3. loneoceans

    Confusion and Questions on Lenses for 445nm

    Hi everyone, First off I apologize if this is a very obvious question. I have tried to search for it on google and in the forum but I can't seem to find any useful information. In the past I have worked on some 405nm BD builds and high power 650nm builds, all using the standard 12x30mm Aixiz...
  4. loneoceans

    Sony PS3 KES400A - New Violet Laser Project!

    Greetings everyone! I'm new to this forum and here's my first contribution: http://www.loneoceans.com/projects/project405/index.htm I just made my first violet laser using a PS3 KES400A (running at ~38mA) and an accompanying webpage to document this little project. While the laser works, I...