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    Is this new DX HID flashlight any good?

    because 7000k isnt just bluish white its electric blue. The color makes everything look messed up. ...lazer... ;D ;D ;D
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    Homemade LED Puck light.

    Looks nice except for the placement of the led, led's emit light forward so the way you have it know it is only using the top half of the reflector, you should move it down lower so just the dome of it is inside the reflector. ...lazer... ;D ;D ;D Like this....
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    Is this new DX HID flashlight any good?

    It looks okay but i probably wouldnt get it until there is is some more info. If it does turn out to be good and puts out as much as they say it does it seems like an excellent deal. Also lets hope they dont use a 7000k bulb like the microfire does, it has like the worst tint of any hid...
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    Assembly of a Micro-Drive (rkcstr driver) by ME!

    Re: Assembly of a Micro-Drive (rkcstr driver) by M Its easy to download from youtube, just watch this video...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-RMsZ15dYA ...lazer... ;D ;D ;D
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    Free 3D Printing Service

    Wow, that is really cool. Now i just need to come up with something in cad :-/ ...lazer... ;D ;D ;D
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    Kryton Logo competition

    I so want to try and make one, wish i had photoshop :( ..lazer... ;D ;D ;D
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    new red on dx

    That is cool how it works on 2aaa's though, they need some more of them like that but 200mw in power without the kaleidascopa(yes i know i spelled it wrong) thing. ....lazer... ;D ;D ;D
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    Device for continuos operation?

    Havent you heard of duct tape :), just tape the main switch down then run wires from the negative of the battery to a toggle switch then back to the laser case. ...lazer... ;D ;D ;D
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    Lithium iron does it help

    Hold on, you do NOT want to use rechargable lithium ion batteries in your laser, they will kill it. Either use rechargable ni-mh batteries in it or get energizer e2 lithiums for it. ...lazer.. ;D ;D ;D
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    the new 'THE' game

    That last one is impossible, theres mines everywhere you try to go!!!!11!1!!11!11 ...lazer... ;D ;D ;D
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    i must be odd...

    Ow, i guess 300mw isint the best to try this with lol (The only red laser i had), but it was weird because before my tounge got burnt i did taste copper, odd. ...lazer... ;D ;D ;D
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    Car shopping, need your help...

    Go for the 07, the hid in the 08 would be annoying, they always put like a 6000k bulb which is very blue and makes everything look weird. ...lazer... ;D ;D ;D
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    LPF's Religion

    Christian's ftw!! Btw just found some awsome christian rock/metal bands today.... ...lazer... ;D ;D ;D
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    WTC: Sabotage? Conspiracy? Neither?

    Same here. ...lazer... ;D ;D ;D
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    Need help programing a picaxe microcontroller

    Im still very new to programming, i originally got all this for a robot which i built and never used much.  Luckely they say that picaxe is one of the easiest to program, it uses basic and you can download the program for free..http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/picaxe/software.htm I have been trying to...
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    Need help programing a picaxe microcontroller

    Also i have the infrared sensor on pin 4-infrain and i have the led on pin 7-infraout. ..lazer... ;D ;D ;D
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    Need help programing a picaxe microcontroller

    Hi, i have a 8-pin version of this microcontroller..http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/picaxe/ I am trying to program it to receive infared signals from a remote then repeat them using a infared led, I already have everything i need for it and have wired the picaxe to a 5v regulator so its ready to go...
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    The official flashlight discussion thread.

    I think im about to get the d10 from fenix-store, i really like how the output is fully adjustable, the mcgizmo pd system also looks nice, no more loud clicking noises. But mainly i think i am going to get it because of the very low low, 2 lumens sounds very nice. If anyone else buys a...
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    Is it normal to feel dizzy after using my glasses?

    Re: Is it normal to feel dizzy after using my glas If your running them both at 70ma that might be the problem, the blu-ray is fine at that current but the red should be ran at about 250ma which will make it much brighter and burn better. ....lazer.... ;D ;D ;D
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    10 new ps2 sled just went for $15 shiped, on ebay.

    Re: 10 new ps2 sled just went for $15 shiped, on e Um no not really, ps2 sleds have low powered ir diodes, almost no use at all. ....lazer.... ;D ;D ;D