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    NEW Portable DPSS Wavelength - 556nm 20mW CNI

    Speaking of quality and exotic lasers... Has anyone considered attempting a GB for a doubled Ti:S with a 445nm diode as the pump source? The diodes look to be about half as efficient as green lasers for pumping, and with proper coating on the Ti:S (S1: HR808 HT445, S2: AR808) and the LBO/BBO...
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    Ruby and 445nm

    Yeah, 405nm is significantly better absorbed. But 445nm seems to be close to 532nm in this regard, and the actual brightness per wall plug watt should be a lot higher, or am I failing to get something important here? The curve I had seen is not on hand anymore, sorry to say. Of course, I could...
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    445 lasers power underwater

    Won't you just end up trading absorption losses for scattering losses?
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    Ruby and 445nm

    405nm is fine by me, but are you sure? The graph I saw indicated higher absorption at 450nm than at 400nm, by far.
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    445 lasers power underwater

    Looks to me like the 405nm lasers will carry further underwater than the 445nm ones, for a similar amount of power. I would be most interested in hearing how it turns out, as this has been discussed elsewhere for communicating with a rover from the surface (large parabolic collector and...
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    Ruby and 445nm

    I'm considering testing whether the 445nm diodes can pump a ruby for pulsed operation, much the same as in using a flashlamp, but with only this narrow band (which I read to be in the mid of one of the pumping bands). If it works, I may decide to see if LBO or BBO doubling works as well...
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    Semi-common Objects That Contain Gas Lasers

    A lot of supermarket types up here still use them, not sure why. I can see the tube in the fresh units as I'm approaching the checkout line. The handhelds, however, have switched to diodes, as have the price checkers scattered throughout the store.
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    40W CO2 Laser Photos

    james: My mistake about the fluorinert. You're right, fixing the water based chiller or just replacing it would indeed be a better idea. No point in adding hundreds of dollars worth of cooling fluids. MarioMaster: Will the tube be happy with the water at boiling temperature? It's an effective...
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    what is the difference between yvo4 and nd:yvo4?

    Ah. Right. Could be, then. Normally, I would expect to see the axis stated instead of the cut angle, but conventions probably vary a lot. If he wants to try pumping it, that would be a different wavelength, though (980nm like ytterbium, I think?), and then the beam is invisible and outside the...
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    40W CO2 Laser Photos

    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, some fluorinated refrigerants are expensive. They are also entirely passive if you have a room which never gets hotter than the condensation point for the refrigerant, and that's the case this far north, so a small condensation tower does everything passively in...
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    HeHg or HeSe laser pics anyone?

    Anyone know the gain on the HeSe lines? Seems like something that could be made into a kit or group buy with a decent design. The boiling point is higher than for mercury, but both are inside the operating ranges for a number of fairly low cost materials (e.g. quartz tubing, tungsten heaters)...
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    what is the difference between yvo4 and nd:yvo4?

    Those are AR coated for Telecom wavelengths, and I would assume it's meant for 1550nm. They are cut at 45 degrees, and they are meant to be used in polarizing prisms. You may be able to make a decent PBS with them, or if you use the right entry angle, you can probably get them to do a passable...
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    40W CO2 Laser Photos

    Has anyone tried cooling a CO2 laser with Fluorinert ? I'm thinking about maybe replacing a fidgety chiller on a CNC system, and it occured to me that if it can live with 30C, then it might be worthwhile to use a liquid evaporation system, with a low boiling point refrigerant and a passively...
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    Retro laser!

    I thought about a steampunk CD player in turntable style with a HeNe as the pickup, but I decided it would be too much work with my feeble machining skills. Gas lasers are definitely the way to go for steampunk, though, not diode lasers. That, or a solar powered DPSS or dye laser where the parts...
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    copal polygon mirror

    If they don't know how to get them running, drop me a PM. These are pretty cheap, so I figure I can pick one up and see if I can figure out how to get it going. Seems a bit odd to use a stepper instead of feedback control. Are you sure it's a stepper? First, though, connect a multimeter or...
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    Laser Dot Danger

    YES. You have exposed your friends to a risk of vision damage by gross negligence. And by exposing others to potential harm without informed consent, you demonstrate that you are not responsible enough to handle anything more than a cheap red pointer of 5mW or less. That you would point it at...
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    Has anyone attempted to build a maser before?

    Unlike a hydrogen maser, a klystron actually has a real, high power output. A hydrogen maser puts out picowatts. A klystron can put out from a few watts to several megawatts, depending on type.
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    Differences & Similarities of Red and Blu Diodes

    I can ship you a Hamamatsu photodiode, or even a 3000 frames per second binning imager, if you have the EE know-how to use it to find out. If you lack the appropriate ND filters, I could pack a few of those, too. Would that help?
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    Differences & Similarities of Red and Blu Diodes

    Okay, will you be happier if we move on to dealing with ballistic phonons and the mean free path of excitons and so forth? A crystal lattice is, like any non-hyperdense matter, mostly empty space. The atoms move back and forth a bit, due to the kinetic energy (heat) they possess. When you start...
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    Beam combining cube

    So $45 for those two optics from Lasever, shipped to the US? Not bad, but it's still annoying to have to mail them to find out about prices. Hamamatsu lists items all the way up to €45.000 (about $60.000 or so) on their webpage, so I always know whether I am wasting my time or not when...