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  1. Quisp

    SOLD: LaserShields ML7 #35 Multi-Wavelength Glasses with Case $60 shipped in USA

    SOLD! Hello- Up for sale is one NoIR LaserShields ML7 Frame #35 Multi-Wavelength Laser Protective Glasses with case in excellent condition. I bought these glasses from LPF member “Raybo” in the winter of 2009. The ML7 laser glasses protect your eyes over a wide range of wavelengths as...
  2. Quisp

    Accidents will happen...

    Don't let this be you... The Body Odd
  3. Quisp

    Pioneer DVR-111DBK diodes...

    Hi there- While taking out the trash yesterday, I found a junked Pioneer DVR-111DBK drive laying on the ground. Having never "harvested" before, I thought tearing this thing apart and finding the diodes would be fun. It kinda was. Anyway, the pictures below show the two diodes I found in this...
  4. Quisp

    Another "Genius"

    Man pleads guilty to shining laser at CHP chopper - cbs13.com Wow...Just, Wow.
  5. Quisp

    ...Some positive feedback for Glenn (scopeguy20)

    I recently purchased some LOCs from Glenn (scopeguy20) without a hitch. As per usual, no worries at all when dealing with Glenn. Fast and secure shipping. A pleasure to do business with. Recommended! (Pardon my ebayish verbiage...;) ) Mark
  6. Quisp

    12x BDR-205 Blu-ray laser by daguin...

    Hello, Long story short, my Blu-ray laser build "adventure" that started in August with another party was completed by Dave (daguin) a couple weeks ago. Here are the basic stats: Host: MXDL 3405 Diode: Pioneer 12x BDR-205 Heatsink: Copper Lens: 405-G-1 Driver: FlexDrive v5 Batteries: 3...
  7. Quisp

    ...Some positive feedback for Dave (daguin)

    I just wanted y'all to know that Dave really helped me out of a frustrating transaction with a former member here (Tyler/DarkArmyofOne) by putting together and finishing a 12x BDR-205 Blu-ray build for me. Dave completed in a SINGLE day what Tyler couldn't complete in THREE months (and no, I'm...
  8. Quisp

    Good experience with jasonck08...

    I recently purchased some AAA Eneloop batteries and a charger from Jason (jasonck08) without a hitch. Fast and secure shipping. A pleasure to do business with. Thanks Jason...:beer:
  9. Quisp

    Excellent transaction with Raybo

    I just wanted to report a smooth transaction experience with Raybo. I purchased some awesome glasses (Laser Systems model ML7) from him that should help protect my peepers from laser "fun". I'd recommend dealing with Raybo to anyone here on the LPF. Thanks Ray...:beer:
  10. Quisp

    Greetings from NorCal

    Hello out there.... ...Thought I'd stop by and introduce myself...:wave: I first discovered LPF while doing a Google search on green laser pointers this past summer. Although I consider myself a "noob" to the world of lasers, I've learned a lot by just lurking around, browsing through threads...