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  1. KapHn8d

    Nifty timelapse of big lasers

    Mauna Kea Heavens 2 4K - Gfycat I thought this was really cool. I haven't visited this observatory in Hawaii, but according to the dude that made the timelapse, the lasers are like 15W. Check out his write-up here: Sean Goebel Photography: Timelapse Oh, and sorry if this was already posted...
  2. KapHn8d

    Chewy center of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex

    Click for larger image. There is a section of space in the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex called Barnard’s Loop (Sh 2-276) that contains the dark Horsehead and bright Orion nebulae. This image is more or less the “center” of the loop. The stars within the Orion Nebula (on the right) are believed...
  3. KapHn8d

    moar Space...

    Man, I've been MIA here a while. Life just happens. I burn my Argon-Ion through its squats and pilates and think of LPF. I light up my low powered solid states and think of LPF. I take some greenies out to locate stars and think of LPF. I stare at my host shells, diode test loads, and bench...
  4. KapHn8d

    Argon stretching drops a Horsehead here...

    Happy New Year, peeps! :wave: I have been super busy with work... lots of travel and long hours. Between that and the holidays, I haven't had much laser time... or forum time for that matter. I'm still around. I was stretching the legs on my argon-ion the other day and while admiring the...
  5. KapHn8d

    Yet another USN pew pew pew pew...

    Kudos to the navy for playing with lasers. http://youtu.be/sbjXXRfwrHg /c
  6. KapHn8d

    Space and Other Non-laser Distractions...

    Howdy, peeps! I've been away several weeks with some distractions pulling me away from the colorful beams for a bit. Mostly, it has been work and the process of buying a patch of dirt for my wife and I to eventually build a house on... that has been involved. Of my hobbies, the only one I've...
  7. KapHn8d

    Messier 27

    Messier 27, or the Dumbbell Nebula (NGC 6853) is a planetary nebula in the constellation Vulpecula, at a distance of about 1,360 light years. This object was the first planetary nebula to be discovered; by Charles Messier in 1764. It is sometimes also referred to as the Apple Core Nebula. /c
  8. KapHn8d

    Why I don't have an Argon Ion laser this month...

    I want one... really, I do. In fact, there were a couple of great multilines on LPF this past month that I fully intended to narrow to a purchase. I love that soothing 488nm beam and there is just something special about having a laser that needs me to snuggle it every month... not that it would...
  9. KapHn8d

    My new mini-HeNe is alive!

    I finally got around to hooking the new mini-632.8nm HeNe to the lab PS today and start her up for the first time since I picked it up this past week. Thanks, hakzaw1 for helping me find this unit! cheers, clayton
  10. KapHn8d

    Ruby laser

    Sorry if this was already posted as I did a quick search, but I'm a big fan of this guy's videos and really enjoyed his design explanation in this one. Not sure how far along he is since I didn't see a follow up, but looking forward to it. Cheers! /c
  11. KapHn8d

    Strange things are afoot at the Circle K

    FBI: We'll Give You $10,000 to Report People Who Point Lasers at Planes It would seem this leaves a lot of room for abuse... Crazy. /c
  12. KapHn8d

    The seal has finally been broken. (update: video added)

    Today was the day. Well, I actually made the purchase a week ago, but today was the day I picked it up... my first gas laser. It's a green HeNe in the sub-2mW range and it it purdy. LPF's wannaburnstuff was advertising a 543nm JDS Uniphase unit and I thought this would be the perfect start...
  13. KapHn8d

    Pew pew pew!

    US researchers sign deal to develop most powerful laser | Mail Online Nifty.
  14. KapHn8d

    Lumia version 1.0

    So Len (hakzaw1) and I met up this morning to talk lasers and check out some of the very cool JetLaser products he has in stock (I especially like the Ti series... that host is great). We had a great time kicked around everything from DIY RGB's to projectors over an awesome fajita lunch. I was...
  15. KapHn8d

    Beam Expansion... BOOM!

    Kicked the tires on my new Melles Griot 20x Beam Expander purchased from LPF's very own DJNY. The laser was a SkyLaser PL532-700 that is a tad overspec from the recent GB, but I'd been tinkering around outside with it on the same batteries, so it's probably putting out around between 500 and...
  16. KapHn8d

    16340 Conundrum SOLVED and the BEAST is awake!

    After learning a great lesson recently regarding the purchase and use of batteries, I find myself still running into some capacity woes. The story goes a little like this... I purchased the wrong batteries for a laser that takes 16340s... instead of 3.6v 16340's, I bought Tenergy RCR123A that...
  17. KapHn8d


    So there we were... just minding our own business... then, Blord's DominatoR comes in to flex. :) Just playin' around with some beams and my first build (the 450 on the far right as facing beams) for my buddy that received it as his birthday present... then we pull out the DominatoR at the end...
  18. KapHn8d

    I broke the seal!

    I finished my first laser project today. No longer a virgin and my photon-hormones are ready for another, more challenging endeavor. I wanted to gift a laser to a life-long friend with a birthday coming up, so I thought I would build him one and since it was my first ever attempt, it would...
  19. KapHn8d

    Blank Battery Contact Board connection

    I'm having some trouble with getting power - to my brain apparently. I ordered a drilled pill/brass ring and battery contact board from Survival Laser to complete my very first build... well, more assembly (this host) than build since I ordered the driver preset and diode already in module from...
  20. KapHn8d

    Ophir BeamCube

    Ok, I didn't find this posted before, but this is pretty sexy. Here is the original write-up that led me to the link on Ophir's site. BeamCube product page and Datasheet Pretty cool piece of test equipment... I bet it isn't cheap. :) Cheers, Clayton