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  1. MajorLazor

    PL-E mini 520 leaking light?

    Not sure if this is normal, but there seems to be a lot of light leaking out around the beam. Even when I focus is down to a dot, there is a line of light extending out. On the wall without taking a picture through glasses
  2. MajorLazor

    Quick review: PL-E Mini 445nm 2W

    I am relatively new to the laser hobby, and I just got this PL-E Mini from Jet Lasers a few days ago. This thing is a beast! My other laser is a "5 mW" green laser (301 type), and it's impressive for what it is, but this PL-E is a whole new level (y)(y) Build quality is outstanding. It's got...
  3. MajorLazor

    Are these OK to use?

    I got these with a 405nm laser I ordered from Laser Pointer Store. They looks pretty cheap, and have no markings to indicate wavelengths blocked or OD. I briefly shined the beam at the side of the glasses, and it did seem to stop it. Are the glasses for violet lasers normall greenish like...
  4. MajorLazor

    Sanwu pocket 405nm

    I just got one, and it looks neat so far. Two quick questions. I got it from Laser Pointer Store, and ordered a pair of safety glasses from them. They weren't very expensive, but still should be OK to use, right? There is no marking on the lens, so I don't know what wavelengths they block or...
  5. MajorLazor

    Beam stopper?

    Wondering what you use to safely stop a beam? I'm getting a 2W PL-E mini from jetlasers, and am assuming it's not good to just have it pointed at a wall or something.
  6. MajorLazor

    Case for lasers?

    Anyone know of a small case that could hold a couple of lasers? Maybe something that has customizable foam cutouts inside?
  7. MajorLazor

    Got my new shades

    Just got this Eagle Pair of safety glasses (190-540 + 900-1700). First impression? Very nice :cool: Being new to this, I didn't know what to expect, but it's really surprising how it makes my green laser disappear, except for a tiny, tiny dot. Keep in mind, it's one of the overpowered "5 mW"...
  8. MajorLazor

    UV danger?

    Is there any UV danger posed by these violet lasers? If I'm not mistaken, UVA ends at 400nm, and these are 405nm.
  9. MajorLazor

    How dangerous is a 200 mW red pointer?

    I currently have a 301 clone in green from Amazon, that is labeled as 5 mW, although I'm sure it's more powerful. I've been doing a lot of reading lately about laser safety and all that, and while it would be fun to try a higher-powered laser, I am a bit nervous now. The class 4 lasers that...
  10. MajorLazor

    Battery for cheap green laser?

    I got this green laser off Amazon, which appears to be a 301 clone that is definitely more than 5 mW. The battery and charger that came with it don't look to be the greatest quality. Wondering if I should get a better one? Battery is 18650 (2600 mAh). Just looking through these batteries on...
  11. MajorLazor

    Eye safety and "5 mW" green lasers

    I just bought one of the cheap, Chinese, green lasers off Amazon. It looks like the Laser 301,but without any markings: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07K6TJ8BC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I didn't realize it when buying, but I've read a bit lately about how these are...