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  1. spectral532

    GB: Aurora C6 kits

    I would be interested in two basic kits w/out the driver, if there are any left. I've already sent a PM to you.
  2. spectral532

    battery charger??

    Set the power supply to 4.2V and the current limit to 0.7C (0.7C means 0.7xCapacity. So if your cr123a has a capacity of 900mAh, limit the current to 900 x 0.7 = 630 mA). Additionally, you will need to stick around and monitor the current near the end of the charge. When the charge current...
  3. spectral532

    battery charger??

    It depends on the the type of battery you are charging. You can use the DDL driver to trickle charge a NiMH battery. For Li-ions, you can use the LM317 in constant voltage mode to charge your batteries. Though you will need to limit the maximum current to around 0.7C.
  4. spectral532

    Dead LOC, any ideas why?

    I soldered to the ribbon cable since it was easier than soldering to the pins at the time. I was planning on soldering wires directly to the diode after I had extracted it, but I wanted to check if it worked while in the sled, so I just soldered some wires to the ribbon cable.
  5. spectral532

    Dead LOC, any ideas why?

    I made sure not to keep the diode on for more than 5 seconds at that power. During that time the heatsink didn't even get warm. I had maybe a total of 30 seconds of run-time on the diode before it died the next day. I'm completely out of ideas, I guess I'll just have to hope for better luck...
  6. spectral532

    Dead LOC, any ideas why?

    I have a 10 µF electrolytic to suppress any large spikes, and a 0.1 µF mylar cap to catch any high-frequency spikes. I had the capacitors shorted with a jumper while I connected the LOC, so I'm pretty sure they were discharged. The current was set with a pot, but I had verified that the...
  7. spectral532

    Dead LOC, any ideas why?

    I used a DDL driver set at 400mA with a 10µF and 0.1µF capacitor paralleled. The capacitors were discharged before I connected the diode. I would take some pictures, but my camera doesn't have a good macro function. I dont think it's dust, since the diode was still in the sled when it broke...
  8. spectral532

    Dead LOC, any ideas why?

    Recently, I purchased a LPC-815 sled from HighTechDealz. When it got here I soldered a few wires to the ribbon cable and powered the diode up. It worked fine. I didn't have the tools to extract it at the time, so I put it back in the anti-static bag and left it alone. The next day I try...
  9. spectral532

    Pics of LPC815 sled [Large size pics]

    I think it is the one on the right. Though I just got the sled and haven't had a chance to confirm it yet. Edit: I powered on my sled, the red diode is the one on the right.
  10. spectral532

    My LM3410x based Boost converters: Spark driver! PART 1

    Nice work Eudaimonium! Sorry to see you lost a PHR. You might try hooking it up to an oscilloscope (if you have one) and see what is going on at the output.
  11. spectral532

    FS: LPC815 Sleds - $8.62

    With Aixiz acrylic lens LPC-815s will output around 250mw @ 420ma. If you want to push the diode to 500ma you will get nearly 300mw from one. With better lens you may be able to reach beyond 350 - 400mw.
  12. spectral532

    Buying Laser housing

    How was the quality of the casing? A few of the reviews indicate it might be a factory reject for the C6 Flashlight.
  13. spectral532

    Buying Laser housing

    $10.90? From where? The cheapest I found was at DX: DealExtreme: $16.41 Aurora C6 Cree P4 LED Flashlight (1*18650/2*CR123A)
  14. spectral532

    Pics of LPC815 sled [Large size pics]

    Wow, those are some great macro pics. What camera/lens did you use? Also, it's nice to see you have LPC-815s in stock, just in time for my red build.
  15. spectral532

    Did you read my post here...

    Did you read my post here? http://laserpointerforums.com/f50/red-laser-build-47266.html#post640306. I listed the parts you will need for the laser.
  16. spectral532

    Heh, "cheap and good" is a bit of an oxymoron with lasers. If you want a "good" laser, you're...

    Heh, "cheap and good" is a bit of an oxymoron with lasers. If you want a "good" laser, you're going to have to shell out some cash. However, there are some decent lasers you could complete for around $20, assuming you have a few parts on hand. Considering that you have never soldered...
  17. spectral532

    No, I dont have AIM. But feel free to PM me.

    No, I dont have AIM. But feel free to PM me.
  18. spectral532

    Red Laser Build.

    Welcome to the forums jkoeller, The LPC-815 sled can be found at modwerx. You can also find the Aixiz module on that same site. Keep in mind that you will need to manually extract the diode from the sled and press it into the Aixiz module. Or, if you don't want to extract and press the diode...
  19. spectral532

    Red Laser Build.

    Hello lager562, To get a functional laser, you will need at a minimum these parts: -Laser diode -Focusing module -Driver -Power source -Tools and misc. items to put it all together (soldering iron, wires, ect.) For a red laser, the long open-can diode from the LPC-815 sled is a good place to...
  20. spectral532

    Hi there and welcome to the forums lager562, Why dont you go ahead and post your question(s) to...

    Hi there and welcome to the forums lager562, Why dont you go ahead and post your question(s) to the "Red Lasers" section. I can probably answer your questions, but creating a new thread will allow other members to contribute their insights and opinions. Not only that, but other people in the...